Shaanxi Discipline Inspection Commission named 4 provincial and clean government education bases

Original title: The provincial discipline committee supervision committee named 4 provincial and clean government education base this newspaper (Reporter Wang Jiawei) On December 8, the reporter learned from the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Recently, the provincial discipline committee supervision committee research assessment, Xi’an warning education Base, Weinan Integrity Culture Theme Exhibition Hall, Han Yin County Shen’s Home Training Exhibition Hall and San Shen Memorial Hall Integrity Education Base, extended oil and anti-corruption education base, 4 bases named Shaanxi Province, clean government education base.

  The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, proposed that provincial and comprehensive integrity education bases should strengthen management, actively act, highlight, extensive exhibits, exhibition, extensive influence, have a wide range of effects, and explore the advanced Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and socialism The integrity cultural resources contained in the culture, the local conditions, scientific planning, optimize resource allocation, and focus on improving service management quality, normalization to carry out clean government theme activities, and strive to build Shaanxi characteristics, "honest landmarks" with extensive influence in the country. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of the province shall carry out strengthening of clean government cultural construction as a recurrence, basic work, grasp, fully utilize the provincial and clean government bases to carry out the theme, the content is diverse, the form is novel, and effective and effective. Education and clean government cultural construction activities, further education guide the leaders of party members to strengthen integrity and self-discipline, enhance integrity, honesty, honest and slim, honesty, honest, and integrity; Make it an important position in the province’s clean government education, leading the integrity culture construction to the important benchmark of the depth development, and promote the construction of "three do not" institutional mechanisms, promoting the high quality development of Shaanxi Discipline Inspection and supervision to play a positive role. (Editor: McGenxiong, Deng Nan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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