People’s Bank Reply to People’s Network Netizens: Optimize individual bank account services to establish a high-level bank account service system

People’s Network Beijing November 18 (Huangsheng) Recently, some netizens have a message on the "Leading Message Board" of the People’s Network, providing unified online inquiry and logout bank card platform, which is convenient for Volkswagen to check all bank cards that have been handled. Then there is more targeted to log out. In this regard, the People’s Bank responded that the personal bank card information is more sensitive, involving personal privacy and financial security, and the relevant work policy is strong, involving the wide and high complexity.

On the one hand, the "Civil Code" "Personal Information Protection Law" is a strict restriction of personal information collection and use, and it is clearly incorporated with financial accounts into sensitive personal information. The relevant work should ensure safe according to law. On the other hand, there are more than 4,000 national commercial banks, and the bank card information needs to be unified.

It is reported that in order to facilitate social masses to better manage their own bank cards, commercial banks will take the initiative to contact customers through telephone, SMS, mobile banking, online banking channels, according to customer wishes to the idle bank card Household, return, degrade, etc., Ensure bank card information and fund safety. The People’s Bank said, the next step will seriously study the relevant work, further facilitate the personal bank card inquiry, and guide commercial banks to continuously optimize personal bank account services, establish a high-level bank account that is adapted to my country’s economic development. The service system makes the convenience of the bank account business become a sense of reception and happiness of the people’s account services.

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