Promoting the most wisdom of digital life, the most wisdom of the party, the "convenience store"

The 11 digital life benchmark applications that Shanghai have been promoted this year, covering "clothing and food and housing", focusing on the people’s most concerned, most direct and most realistic issues.

Therefore, when the wisdom application of Xiang and the district is also made from the most concerned pain points and short boards of the residents.

Relying on the soil of fertile digital industrial industry in Changzheng Town, improve the improvement and upgrade of multiple services through smart equipment.

"Diagnosis": Remote clinic to achieve health science self-tube, build internet remote consultation services. "Point a little": Ceremony, calling car service, solve the problem of elderly. "Listen to the": Himalaya has a voice book, let "cultural + technology" enhance public cultural services. "Take a look": "Yundai" mental health service hall, can develop corresponding training courses and provide personal psychological services.

"Do one": "One Netcom" government service, improve the convenience of residents. In addition, the special self-service service projects such as hunter, treasure chest, and wisdom long strokes are also good. Through the data of Unicom, digging data value, it will enhance the capacity of smart city operation, and improve the accuracy, adequacy and balance of people’s livelihood services. In addition to the smart scene application, the bright spot in Xiang and the area is much.

For example, the party construction perspective system, real-time recording within the regional activity scene, all dynamic data, portrait of DUFEF, the center of the party, and can synchronize the work of Xiang and Party Service Center. Neighborhood exhibition hall, showing a generation of senior people in the encouragement of the spirit of the new long-term spirit to come out of the journey of a long prototype. Future is for business districts, parks, communities, based on different themes, so that residents are free to play. Future mailing, only one square meters to carry out future prospects of the future and beautiful horses. Family activities are carried out through "a family book", revisit family activities in words and languages, enrich the "home" cultural connotation.

Intelligent taking a restaurant, facilitating shopping malls and surrounding office buildings, do not have to eat a brick.

The relevant person in charge introduces that the birth of the Xiang and the district will continue to continue the "one piece" service characteristics, use "digital" thinking, solve the resident "a hurry", combined with "one network", "a network system" Under the support of the grassroots governance leading to the party construction and the intensive industrial strength of the city, we will explore the road to the transformation of "Make Digital and Digital Life". (Editor: Mu Yili, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

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