Qin Wei-led inspection in schools and school preparations for epidemic prevention and control

Original title: Qin Wei-led inspection in schools and school preparations for epidemic prevention and control of Shenzhen City nursery, primary and secondary school around the corner, August 31 morning, Mayor of Shenzhen Qin Wei-led inspection in schools and school preparations epidemic prevention and control work, stressed the need to further study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping discussed spiritual and educational work on epidemic prevention and control, the full implementation of the central, provincial and city related work requirements, strictly from a real good job on campus epidemic prevention and control from the small, solid progress, "double-minus" work to ensure that school safe, orderly and smooth. Qin Weizhong has come to New Island Elementary School, Futian District, Shenzhen Foreign Language School Middle School, inspected the channel into the school, school buildings, playgrounds, epidemic prevention material storage rooms and other places to learn more about the teachers and students back to school ready to epidemic prevention and control, environmental disinfection campus, teachers team building, student lunch siesta, "double-cut" policy implementation and other work, and on behalf of the municipal government expressed sincere condolences to the staff. Tan Wei pointed out that school students fall semester and epidemic prevention and control related to millions of households, district departments and schools at all levels should adhere to the epidemic prevention and control in the first place, pressing compaction work responsibilities, overall good health of teachers and students Mopai , vaccination, disinfection key areas, teachers and students dining arrangements and other work, refine plans for epidemic prevention and control, continue to build a strong defense of campus safety and health, so that parents at ease, and social satisfaction.

To seriously the investigation and remediation of campus security risks, give prominence to food safety, traffic safety, fire safety and security of campus construction, to create a more secure and stable campus environment.

To further practice the idea of ??people-centered development, vigorously implement basic education degree safeguard crucial action, and actively promote the "double cut" policy implementation, the school after-school services, the Group of School, students in mental health work, accelerate the construction of education funding guarantee system, the principal teacher development system, education system, teaching and research, monitoring, supervision and evaluation system, and promote the balanced development of compulsory education quality, features diverse high school education development, education efforts to run people’s satisfaction. It is understood, September 1, 2689 in Shenzhen City Elementary Education in school, the city’s basic education students in the total number of people, the staff of 22 people. Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Zheng Hongbo, the city government Secretary-General’s High St. yuan to participate in activities. (Reporter Xu Xingdong) (Editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yu column).

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