US new new crown case number surge Delta strain accelerated transmission

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, July 13: US new new crown cases have a surge in Del Tower strain accelerated to spread Xinhua News Agency.

Experts believe that case surges with new crown variability Delta poison strains in the United States accelerated, and young groups have increased infection and unpacked populations.

  The latest data on the US Disease Control and Prevention shows that in recent days, the average number of newly incremental new crown cases in the United States continued to increase, and the average number of cycling cases as of 12 days was 21,420, which was a new high since the end of May; the average day of the 7th The death of death is also rising, and there is about 200 cases in the average cyclic death. The weekly epidemic report released on the 9th of the US CD shows that new cases in the United States have increased by 16% higher than the previous week; the average annual new death case is reduced by the previous week; the average daily new hospitalization has increased than the previous week %, About 2,000 per day. According to the report, Delta strain is currently accelerating in the United States, which has become a dominant new crown variant virus. Early data shows that the case of the infected Delta strain has accounted for more than 50% of the total number of new diagnosed cases in the United States, which is higher than the region where some areas, especially the lower vaccination rate. While variating viruses accelerates, the progress of the vaccination in the United States has slowed down. The weekly report weekly report, as of 8 days, the average daily vaccination volume of 7 days in the United States is about 10,000 doses, which decreases by the previous week. The US President Biden’s vaccination goal was previously announced by independence on July 4, and 70% of adults were vaccinated to inoculate at least one new crown vaccine. The US Wussen website reported that this goal was completed before July 4, only 18 states and Washington, July 4. Nandida, Midwest, and many regions in eastern United States are far behind expected progress.

  The MSI Control Center said that in areas where the vaccination rate is low, new diagnosis cases and hospitalization cases are rising. In recent weeks, adults aged 18 to 49 account for more than 40% of new crown hospital cases.

  Even in areas where the vaccination rates in California, Illinois, New York, Vermont, new diagnosis cases are also climbing.

On the 13th, the public health department of the Los Angeles County, California, said that the new crown confirmed case in the county in the past one month Larnell Valenki, director of the CDC, said that more than 99% of the United States died of new crown in June, did not vaccinate the vaccine.

  US public health sector officials and experts said that the people vaccinated that vaccines as soon as possible is critical to the prevention and control of the epidemic. If the Delta strain continues to spread widely, it may also evolve more dangerous variant viruses, leading to more cases, making another wave of epidemic in autumn. (Editor: Yan Yu, Xu Xiangli) Share more people to see.

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