The first batch of 12 municipal tourism casual neighborhoods in Beijing

Original title: The first batch of tourism and leisure blocks in this city (internship reporter Deer Yang) reporter recently learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, after strict review, 12 Beijing-level tourism leisure blocks were released, they can play from "delicious" "Cultural" and other orientations meet the people’s tour, leisure needs. Among them, front door street is a centralized carrier of Beijing-style traditional culture, and is also the most representative old-fashioned commercial aggregation area of ??Beijing. In recent years, the front door street keeps with the new trend of the times, introducing new technology, creating a distinctive city tourism leisure neighborhood.

Sanlitun Taikuri Leisure Street is a trend card, known as "first store harvester." The Badaling Great Wall Tourism Leisure Street is based on the principle of "one store and one product", built the Badaling Great Wall Wenxian Store, "Great Wall Memory" shop, "Great Wall" store and other innovative information.

  At the same time, there is also a 751D · Park Beijing Fashion Design Square, Shijingshan Langyuan Park, Huaxiang Live · Wukesong, Erqi Factory 1897 Kuchuang City, Central Food · Xiangyun Town, Le Duang Holiday Square, Fangshan – Changyang First Ole Tourism Leisure Block, Haidian Yuejie Theme Street Area, Nangong Tourism Leisure Street. Next, Beijing will actively declare national tourism leisure neighborhoods. According to the "Tourist Leisure Block Level Division Standard", the tourist leisure street is distinguished from the national and provincial level. The first batch of tourism and leisure blocks in Beijing started in June, and the experts were approved by various districts, experts reviewed, municipal culture And the Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and finally identified 12 blocks as "Beijing Tourism and Leisure Block". (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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