Tangshan: Accelerating the Construction of Employment Vocational Skills Training System

Original title: Employment Vocational Skills Training System Accelerates Construction of Government subsidy training, marketing training as the main supply of employment professional skills training system accelerated construction as at 13 August, government subsidy vocational skills training, complete 180% of the provincial task; Social vocational skills training has completed 10,000 people, 126% of the provincial task have completed this year, Tangshan City has implemented the scale of the publication of employment vocational training as "I do practical practice", and accelerate the employment professional skills of the city. Construction of training system, forming government subsidy training, marketing training as the main supply, employment skills training, post skills improvement training and entrepreneurial innovation training as the main form, constructing a training organization implemented by sufficient resources, layout, structural optimization. As of 13 August, government subsidy vocational skills training, completing 180% of the provincial task; social vocational skills training has completed 106% of the provincial task. Implement the "High Solden" Skills Talent Training Support Program.

Adhere to the guidance of demand, focus on economic and social development, carry out new industries such as advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, circular agriculture, intelligent agriculture, intelligent buildings, smart city construction, increase new people, cloud computing, big data, etc. Vocational new skill training. Whealth, domestic, elderly service, children, security, e-commerce, auto repair, electrician, women’s handmade employment skills training.

Implement modern service industry skills training launch plan.

Support services enterprises to strengthen training with college collaboration, organizational exhibition planning, modern logistics, e-commerce, etc.

Service tourism industry development, in response to tourism marketing, tour guide service staff, comprehensively carry out comprehensive quality improvement training. Adapt to the modernization of traditional service industry, strengthen professional skills training for employees such as commerce, accommodation, warehousing, catering, transportation and transportation.

Implement the Ice and Snow Industry Skills Talents Training Reserve Plan.

Service 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Tangshan City’s Ice and Snow Industry Development, actively cooperate with internal and foreign colleges and training institutions, cultivates a batch of snow ice, equipment manufacturing, equipment maintenance, safety ambulance, comprehensive service, etc. The development of the ice and snow industry.

Give full play to the main role of enterprise training.

Extensive organizers enterprises conduct pre-job training, in-job training, post training, skill competition, online learning, etc. Organize high-risk industry employees and various types of special operating personnel safety skills training for chemical, mine, metal smelting and other high-risk industry employees. Carry out priorities free skills and entrepreneurial training.

For rural metastasis employment workers, especially new generation of migrant workers, urban and rural areas have not continued to promote early high school graduates, laid-off unemployed personnel, retired military, employment difficult personnel (including disabled), continuous implementation of employment skills training, vocational skills promotion training. Improve the level of technical education. Adhere to the integration of education and education, school-enterprise cooperation as the basic system of running schools in the technical institutions, cooperate with the company in terms of professional construction, curriculum reform, etc. Do a good job in the recruitment supply and demand between the graduates of the technical colleges and universities, and promote the high quality of the technical institutions to achieve employment.

As of August 13, the city’s college graduates achieved 4,142 employment, and the employment rate is reached.

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