Schwab: Looking forward to China’s play a more important role in global governance

    Original title: Idea China has played a more important role in global governance. The Second World War brought a pain disaster, and the United Nations established after the war assumes an important mission to maintain world peace and security. 50 years ago, the People’s Republic of China resumed the legitimate seats of the United Nations, which is an important moment to change the history of global cooperation. China plays an increasingly important role in maintaining world peace and security, poverty, helps the least developed countries and their people. Over the past 40 years, China has continued to conduct poverty reduction work, hundreds of millions of people have poverty, which is a country that has contributed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

China has participated in nearly 30 United Nations peacekeeping actions, and has sent more than 50,000 peacekeepers.

Since the epidemic of the new crown, China has provided massive medical protection materials to other countries through the United Nations related mechanism. This year, China will provide 2 billion antiques and new crown vaccines to help the world to cope with the most serious public health crisis in a hundred years.

In response to climate change, education, gender equality, marine environment protection, China’s role is increasingly indispensable.

  Although Member States have paid great efforts in the coordination of the United Nations, human beings are still facing many challenges.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is still continuing, we also face urgency issues that have a weak economic growth, inequality, and unsustainable, environmental deterioration, and acceleration of debt levels.

These challenges should be counted, and the international community must work together to build a better world for all mankind and our future generation. President Xi Jinping pointed out that when the World Economic Forum Davos Agenda dialogue, President General, pointed out that the problem of the problem in the world is intricate, solving the problem is to maintain and practice multilateralism, and promote the construction of human fate communities.

I fully support this claim. Only through multilateral routes, countries around the world can achieve economic and social development, while avoiding war, hunger, inequality, and irreversible environmental damage. Since its inception in 1971, the World Economic Forum has been promoted in all the initiatives and activities, and it is advised to adhere to the concept of stakeholders.

Stakeholders of different backgrounds, including the heads of state and government heads, business leaders, academic experts, media and social organization leaders to join us, and strive to find ways to improve world conditions.

  Since the first visit to China in 1979, I am very happy to see that more and more Chinese people use the World Economic Forum, and leaders from all over the world, leaders in various fields. Communicate, seek mutual understanding, find opportunities for cooperation. The World Economic Forum strives to build a platform for public and private cooperation, allowing the main stakeholders from countries to communicate with future key issues.

For example, we focus on the fourth industrial revolutionary concept, to promote digital transformation, and call for improved digital management.

We welcome more relevant stakeholders from China to participate in our initiative. The international community including the World Economic Forum is eager to play a more important role in global governance.

Looking forward to the future, we hope that all Member States of the United Nations will abide by the United Nations Charter purpose and principles, respect for international law, which is the basic principle of global cooperation.

Establishing these principles is to avoid a devastating war again, they should have the greatest respect for each member of the international community.

  I would like to respond to the United Nations Secretary-General Gurdres mentioned in a ribbon all road in the Summit forum in a few years ago: The challenge we face is to build peace and dignity for all of the joint interests. This year is the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China to restore the legal seats of the United Nations, and the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum.

We look forward to working in the future to jointly build a better world.

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