Russian media said the southern military region is "the busy military area"

The Southern Military Region at the South Ossetia soldiers participated in the selection training Recently, the Justice of the Southern Military Region of Russia issued a summary of the construction of operational training and security forces in the year.

This is the first military level unit that Russian Jun’s first year issued the "Year-end Summary".

The Russian media said that the southwest of the southwest, the southern southern campaign is responsible for dealing with safety pressures from the Eastern, Black Sea Waters and Central Asia, as well as the threat of terrorist power in the Caucasus area, and is called " The busy military area. "

Excessive deputy commander Muradorf, which exceeded the supervisor battle and training work of the military region, will be said that the 1021 fiscal year (November 2021, 2021) excess the task, overall combat capacity About 12%. In the past year, the Russian southern military region has organized more than 2,500 level commands and staff training.

In addition to holding traditional sand table deduction and tactical warfare seminar, the first time introduced "Red Blue Fighting" model, the Tactical Scene of the Russian army in recent few local wars, enhances the military literacy of the commander and the staff of the staff.

At the battle training level, the cumulative 10,000 campaign tactical drills, more than 500 scenes in real-in-one shooting training, nearly 200 consecutive tactical activities, more than 60 camp tactical drills and 16 people – Travel (group) Level training activities. The Black Sea Fleet, the Jihai District Fleet maintains the tradition of the year-on-year war, and organizes more than 50 ships in the first day of the fiscal year.

A large-scale comprehensive exercise was held in the South Osseti troops in March, April, September and October, respectively.

Muradorv said that the garrison of the garrison has been intensive and has long, mainly inspecting the crisis response of the local situation deteriorating the arm.

Training of military troops in military regions, focusing on improving tactics and combat mobile skills, learning to use Syrian battlefield experience.

The modernization of the troops has been ranked first in several major military regions. It has received 10,000 new weapons and military technology equipment, and modern equipment accounts for more than 71%. It is worth mentioning that the southern military region is also the first deployment point of several new weapons in the year. For example, the first Su-57 new generation fighter entered the military region in the first half of the year; the first MiG-31 Aviation Corps with "Daggers" supersonic missile and the first Su-34 Aviation Corps completed modern transformation, affiliated to the southern military zone The first near-demand empty drop assault teacher listed in the new generation of BMD-4M airborne battles is also in the military region. The Safety Report of the southwestern gateway in the southwest of Russia said that the security situation of the Southwest of Russia in the 20021 Russia is complex and more varied. NATO Expansion and provocation from the East of Black Sea and Ukraine, and the danger of geopolitic pressure and terrorism in the Central Asia changed, and tested the level of military regions in the southern part of Russia.

According to the news office of the Southern Russian Military Region, 80% of the combat units of the military zone were in battle alert state, and resolved or adjusted 40% of training programs in response to regional situations.

For example, the military area held in Crimea in July, which is unfolded under the framework of the assault. The soldiers have covered the military and soldiers, the content, and the long-scale strength of the military areas have great expansion. In August, the Black Sea Fleet held the largest sea exercise in the past ten years, but also aimed at NATO ships repeatedly unfolded a temporary planning of Russia.

After the dismount of the Afghanistan, the Southern Military Region has dispatched more than 300 sets of equipment from the southern part of the Russia, and there are more than 300 sets of equipment to take a series of counter-terrorism exercises in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Most of these exercises have been added and expanded under the Framework of the "Slavia" and other intentions. Russian media evaluates the road, under the complex battlefield environment and geographical situation, the southern military region is busy in order, successfully safeguarding national interests in several "cat rat games".

The information released by the Ministry of National Defense shows that in fiscal 2021, NATO held a military exercise in the Black Sea, and the number of ship hazards, which increased by 15% from the same period last fiscal year, Russian fighter emergency increased and shore base to improve the battle guard status The number of times, the corresponding increase of more than 35%. After the British "Guardian" destroyer broke into the Haihai Russian Receipt Sea, the Southern Military Region organized the Black Sea Fleet to issue fire-fighting warnings to force the British provocation. Disposal from the field situation, to the evidence, the public opinion, and the southern military district let the "do not recognize the receipt of the warning".

Comprehensive guarantees have a long progress of the military commander D’Dswick, will be said that the entire 2021 fiscal training conditions have made great progress. The Military Regional Command organizes safety investigations in the jurisdiction, cleaning more than 3,000 explosives, repairing more than 1,700 sets of target field facilities, and is building more than 100 bunkers, used to park future aviation technology, including new fighters. equipment. It is fully upgraded to the Molikino target training facilities, and more than 3,000 targets are set, making it the most comprehensive training ground in the overall performance of the Russian army. During the large-scale events such as joint military exercise, "International Military Competition" and other large activities, three modular military camps in the southern military region were used for epidemic prevention isolation observation of foreign participating troops. In the mountains and deserts, more than 10 unattended technical security points were formed, and automated safety inspections were implemented for military vehicles.

The dispatched troops participated in the Hong Kong flood rescue and cleans the local 146 kilometers long roads and tested 28 buildings.

In addition, the 16th Aviation Army Group’s 16th Aviation Traveling Group, the 16th Available Helicopter, which has been completely realistic, and has become one of the first batch of municipalities of the Russian army. (Shi Wen) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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