Shunyi Liqiao held an investment conference to throw a heavy reward policy

People’s Network Beijing August 4th (Pool Dream) On August 4th, Liqiao Town, Shunyi District, held the investment promotion conference at the Beijing National Test International Conference Center. The General Assembly launched Liqiao "investment logo", clarified the "logistics town" industry positioning, throwing heavy investment policies, opening the Liqiao investment acceleration.

Exclusive customization, build an international investment brand Liqiao Town launched a special "investment logo", logo takes the letter L, Q of Li Bridge, the color is used as the Forbidden Palace, and the overall shape is similar to a seal, which creates an antique charm and quaint spirit. Visual effect.

The internal smartly uses the "Wood" word in Li and Bridge, and the traditional "Joe" word is combined with the classical and modern beauty. The overall logo adopts Chinese and English match, highlighting Liqiao next to the popularity and friendly town image of the Capital Airport and the future international development.

Tight opportunity, development of international smart logistics around the development needs of Beijing Free Trade Zone, Liqiao Town clearly "logistics town" industry positioning, establishing a warehouse management, logistics information, port supervision, etc. International logistics service platform, for a total Both parties provide global supply supporting services to build international smart logistics systems.

At the same time, the Plus Beijing Digital Supply Chain Center, the aviation hub pharmaceutical technology comprehensive digital service base, Liqiao Steel Logistics Park, Beijing Hengda Airport Center 4 logistics incubator projects.

Posa Beijing Digital Supply Chain Center covers an area of ??252 mu, with a total construction area of ??260,000 square meters, which is expected to invest 1 billion yuan in total investment. Mainly serve the daily life of Beijing residents, providing high-quality fruits and vegetables, meat and all kinds of life for the public. Essentials, build a level, serving the capital, and protect the middle of the digital supply chain ecological people’s livelihood project. Aviation Hub Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Comprehensive Minor Service Base Project, covering an area of ??203 acres, project total construction area of ??220,000 square meters, total investment of about 2 billion yuan, realizing research and development, intelligence, assembly, distribution and warehousing functions of pharmaceutical and medical devices .

Liqiao Steel Logistics Park project covers an area of ??353 mu, will establish a largest steel logistics base in Beijing’s retail, wholesale, warehousing, logistics distribution, processing, and life services. Beijing Hengda Airport Center project, covers an area of ??93 acres, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, positioning the Hengda Real Estate Group, Beijing-Tianjin Headquarters. Heavy policy, creating international service models to attract major project enterprises to settle in Liqiao, Liqiao Town throws heavy reward policies to enterprises, reward new to enterprises, strive to be strong; comprehensive reward deposit enterprises, boost Development; key reward executive personnel, gather talents; reward investment intermediaries, professional investment.

Synchronize "Nannimeter" "Tracking" "Manager" "custom" full-service service, promoted Liqiao leapfrog development, it is reported that Liqiao Town is expected to introduce more than 3,000 investment companies in the next five years, and it is expected to achieve taxation of 3 billion Yuan, expect 500 million yuan will be used to support the company.

(Editor: Li Bo, Guo Yafei) Sharing let more people see.

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