Shangluo 751 returned to the country to serve as village cadres

Original title: Shangluo 751 home to return home to the village cadre this newspaper (Reporter Zheng Fei) First rich and rich, can take folks. On November 29, the reporter learned from the organization department of Shangluo Municipal Committee that, as of now, 751 Jiao-rancid can serve as the village (community) cadres, including 124 people, director "shoulder". It is located in Shangluo, the mountains in the mountains in the mountains of Qinling, the land is thin. Over the years, a group of Shangluo people came out of the mountains and gave out of the mountains, both wide vision, increased their skills, relying on hardworking hands, and hungry, mentally, for hometown, technical, financial support . At the same time, at the same time, the overall academic cadres of the grassroots village cadres in Shangluo City are not high, the eyes are not wide, and the problems such as lack of people are also increasing. Since 2015, Shangluo City Innovation Thinking, establishing a foreign worker’s business personnel information desk account, will be good, will operate, understand management, and ambiguous out-of-time workmanship in the village cadres’ reserve power, attracting them to return home as village (Community) Cadres, play the characteristics of their philosophy, more ideas, ideas, communication and coordination, in order to consolidate the poverty reduction, and promote rural revitalization to provide strong organizational assurance.

  Zhang Fu Cheng, Zhen’an County, returned to the country of Fisheping Village, Gaofu Town, 2018, and the director of the village, identified the industrial development ideas mainly based on "Sichuan Double-layer oil, the mountains,", develop walnuts, cherries, oil With peony, farming, etc., and introduce 15 mu of 150,000 tail cold waterfish breeding, and the village collective economic resources have increasing 20,000 yuan.

In 2018, Xianghe Town, Shangnan County, collected 4 full-time undergraduate degrees, and the successful people in foreign affairs, and now they have grown to "shoulder". They use the idea of ??broaden, development, and pragmatic style, courageous, active as the goal of "led one person, revitalizing a village".

  According to the relevant provisions of the central and provincial regulations, the Organization Department of Shangluo has recently formulated the views on encouragement to encourage foreign workers to return to the country to return home (community) "two committees", stipulates that the foreign workers returned to the village to return to the village "two Members of the Committee, have made outstanding contributions to the development of the village, preferred to participate in the township civil service exam, priority to the town leadership cadres. From political incentives, spiritual encouragement, substance rewards, organizational security, mobilization to go out to participate in the upcoming village (community) "two committees" exchange elections.

  Liu Jijun, who is independent starting in the job industry in 2019, returning to the party branch secretary of the Night Village Town Town Town, Shangzhou District, "said 23 years of military career, grinding my will, and started with independence. My eyes.

As a communist party member, unforgettable, keep in mind the mission, lead the villagers to get rich and well-being is my unshirkable responsibility.

(Question: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).

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