Ping District Haidong completed the first round of full nucleic acid detection 53572 copies of nucleic acid sample results were negative

People power Xining October 23 October 23, Ben Wang Haidong, Qinghai Province from the novel coronavirus infection epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia disposal headquarters learned that, as of October 22 at 18, Haidong first peace zone a full nucleic acid detection has been fully completed, the total nucleic acid sample 114,640 people, 53,572 copies of nucleic acid samples has been completed, and the results were negative, the sample results to be out.

At the same time, October 23, beginning at 9:00 am, a second round of peace full nucleic acid detection zone Haidong (peace town, small town of Gap, Sanhe Town, lime kiln Township) all personnel.

In addition, for a more precise full control epidemic situation, ways of further spread of the epidemic blocking, disposal of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters research Haidong novel coronavirus infection, decided to start at 9:00 am on October 23, on the sea Ping District Taitung City (town of peace, Xiaoxia town, Sanhe town, lime kiln Township) all personnel to carry out a second round of full nucleic acid detection, the matter will now notice as follows: First, ask the residents to take the initiative to obey the organization staff, arrived at the designated time-phased and orderly place to carry out nucleic acid detection.

Second, detection, please bring valid proof of identity such as identity cards, the initiative to produce health code, travel cards, the whole acquisition process, please wear a mask to keep more than 1 meter intervals with others, do not talk, do not gather, really good personal protection. Third, after sampling is completed, please leave immediately, do not stay long at the sampling site. Fourth, because of the recent colder weather, please the majority of residents do cold insulation measures.

Fifth, the majority of residents to pay attention to the official release authority, consciously do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, do not spread rumors, and jointly safeguard the good order of epidemic prevention and control.

Six, please spread the majority of residents known to inform relatives and friends around, and actively cooperate to detect, and make sure to make inspection should check to ensure that no leakage one, a person does not fall.

Seven, refused to accept the behavior of the sample, not according to the time interval required sampling, resampling disturb the order of sample testing, in legal action according to the law.

United fight against SARS, you are my peers. Thanks to the strong support and cooperation for epidemic prevention and control of the majority of the residents! Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you. (Editor: Yang Yue, Zhang Liping) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.

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