The first Sam member store in Guangxi will land in Qingxiu District next year.

On September 26th, the world’s largest Sam member store was officially opened in Shanghai. This is the first flagship store in China, and is also the 34th store. At the end of 2022, the first Sam member store in Guangxi will open in Fengling North in Qingling District, Nanning City. The flagship store is the largest single-family building of Sam in China. It is located in the New Development Park, the Shanghai Free Trade Test Area, with a total capacity of about 70,000 square meters. It includes the largest Sam Store in the domestic single-layer area, and catering , Entertainment, life supporting services, rental areas, meet the high quality service needs of members. On the day of opening, there are more than 100 new items at the flagship store, including many scarce even the new product of the world.

Taking the global imported goods as an example, Sam introduced the rice high potato chips, kg heavy billion triangle chocolate, etc. also have the latest worldwide, Tianzhu robot, etc. It is understood that the first Sam member store in Guangxi is located in Qingxiu District, Nanning City, the north side of the Exit D of Bailongling Station, Nanning Rail Transit, and the project has started construction in January this year. It is planned to open at the end of 2022.

Sam member stores, the Qingxiu District, will bring quality goods and services to Nanning and even the entire Guangxi citizens, further enrich the Guangxi retail service industry, solve local residents’ consumption upgrade needs, and inject new vitality for local commercial retail ecology. According to the project leader of the project construction party, the leader of the project, the first floor of the Sam member store in Qingxiu District, the second floor is designed for the store, the third floor and the roof of parking, and the underground garage can provide more than 1,000 parking. Bit, will provide a spacious, comfortable, convenient shopping environment for residents who come to consumption.

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