The Democratic Party of Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, to carry out the education of party history

Since the launch of the party history, Danyang City’s democratic parties has been in accordance with the central and provincial and municipal spirit and the unified deployment of the Danyang Municipal Party Committee, which has been widely launched, and has carried out a series of activities, distinctive, distinctive effectiveness, and actual activities. The action to interpret the democratic Party’s participation in politics, reaching a good effect of learning to promote. Adhere to politics leading the impression. Focusing on the book of the party history and the "China Communist Party’s Unified Front History" and other books, the people of the city’s democratic parties in-depth development will learn the history of the Communist Party of China and the History of the Communist Party of China, profoundly understand the Chinese Communist Party. The parties have further consolidated the joint ideological and political foundation of united struggle in long-term grouping, and promoting the vigorous development of united front and multi-party cooperation.

At the same time, the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee guided the party and foreign people to learn the carrier on the "Danyang Unforgettable" equipments of "learning power", to create a "mobile class", so that the United Front members can participate more convenient to learn, enhance the political consensus of the United Front members, and firm them Listen to the party’s words, and the confidence and determination to the party.

Adhere to the form of a variety of weights. Danyang’s democratic parties combined with their own actual, teams, proposed programs, trunks, and carry out various forms of activities, and promote the education of party history and education. The Danyang Committee of the Ministry of Nations has carried out activities in the form of "learning, competition, speaking, exhibition, travel", guiding the majority of teachers and students to know the Buddhist Party, knowing the history of the country. The Civil Engineering Danyang Grassroots Committee launched a study of the "micro-class" and the offline committee to preach the leader.

The Ministry of Dinyang Grand Council and the Ligong Danyang Grand Council will organize members to visit Huai’an Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, Taixing New Fourth Army Huangqiao Campaign Memorial Hall. Study. The Agricultural Workers Party Danyang Grassroots Committee organized members to actively participate in the provincial and municipal party history learning education theme essay competitions and short video competitions. The Danyang Committee of the Jiu Sanxue is issued to the members’ knowledge readings, and the team exchange sharing the learning experience.

Up to now, the democratic parties in the city have carried out more than 100 related activities, and participating in members to reach more than 500 people, covering tens of thousands of people such as the elderly, students. Adhere to the advantage of doing practical things. The various democratic parties in the city are opportunities to learn from party history, give full play to the advantages, professional advantages, talent advantages, and promote "I have implemented practical things for the masses", showing the good image and mission of the Participants.

The NLR Danyang Committee organizes volunteers to carry out Chinese medicine health science lectures, popularize health knowledge in retired cadres, and carry out health screening.

The Ligong Danyang Grassroots Committee organizes psychologists to the national class to carry out time management capabilities training, helping students to master learning methods and enhance their interest in learning, and improve learning results. The Civil Engineering Danyang Grassroots Committee jointly "Qi Liangyi Industry Co., Ltd., for donating money for the city’s lost family, so that special groups feel the temperature of society.

Danyang Grand Council and Jiu Sanchuan Society Danyang Board and Jiu Sanchuan Social Committee provide a sense of volunteer service to the community during the Chongyang Festival. Up to now, the Democratic Participation in the city has carried out more than 30 kinds of "I do practical things for the masses", helping the masses to solve the problem of medical, education, and pension, and other people’s livelihood problems.

(Hang Chun Yun.

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