Shangyi Chongxin Henan Province will carry out food safety promotion week activities

People’s Network Zhengzhou June 6th (Cheng Minghui) Recently, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Administration that June 8th to 22nd, Henan 27 departments will jointly hold 2021 food safety publicity week activities.

This year ‘s theme is "Shangyi Chongxin, the Chinese Meadow in the Sunshine".

It is understood that on the morning of June 8th, the launching ceremony of "Henan Food Safety Promotion Week" will be held in Zhengzhou, and the ceremony will focus on food safety results, and accept the mass policy, legal advice. During the food safety publicity week, Henan Province 27 departments will also hold food safety and high quality development forums, food safety new media law activities, food safety and medium-source activities, food safety "Tiequist Action" conference, food safety into campus and other theme activities .

This year’s food safety publicity week will highlight the concept of "Shangyi Chongxin".

Through the event, the new ideas of new ideas in the level and relevant departments are concentrated at all levels.

At the same time, the main body of the food industry market is strictly self-disciplined, and the employees have widely launched the good market environment of integrity and law-abiding education.

In addition, advocating all walks of life to actively participate in food safety governance, enhance public food safety, and promote the traditional virtues of diligence and saving. The relevant person in charge of the Henan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau said that Shangyu Chongxin, Germany is the policy of ensuring food safety.

Guard the people’s "safety on the tip of the tongue", it is necessary to strengthen the market entity and self-discipline. Get feelings, happiness, sense of security.

(Editor: Wang Pei, Xu Chi).

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