Shenyang conducts the construction of food traceability system and guards "safety on the tip of the tongue"

Original title: Shenyang launched the food traceability system construction guards "Safety on the tip" Production and processing links steadily promote the construction of electronic traceability system, continuously improve the scientific and information level of food safety supervision, and constantly urged production enterprises to implement the subject’s responsibility of food safety, the results are obvious, highlights. The construction of electronic traceability is a steadily promotion task in the construction of the national food safety demonstration city. Infant formula scanning code can be checked in 2019, Shenyang City has identified the first test of infant formula and dairy production enterprises, and then drive key food production enterprises, and then promote Electronic traceability system construction plan. On the infant formula and dairy products, electronic retrospective system has established electronic information records matching production processes, production scale, distribution channels and sales system; realizing production of corporate dairy formula, raw film supply, product production Batch, relevant responsible personnel, product inspection, sales and go, key information, etc. In infant formula, consumers can also realize the way consumers can easily query product information such as labels, outer packaging, quality standards, and factory inspection reports. Before the electronic traceability system improved the safety of supervision efficiency, Shenyang food production enterprises were mainly stored in the paper record, process control, factory inspection, factory sales and other information, once food safety accidents, unable to check products in a short time Sales go to direction, there is a safety hazard. Now, the company has established an electronic information record traceability system that matches the production process, production scale, distribution channel and sales system, and realizes the formulation of food formulation, raw materials supply, product production batch, related responsible personnel, product inspection , Rapid collection of key information such as sales to go, summarize. Food safety regulators entered all the information of the product through the production of a product through the information system of the enterprise, clearly check all the information of the product.

Electronic traceability system enables retrospective query functions such as raw film suppliers, production process control indicators, quality responsible personnel, reproducing corporate production information, product inspection process information, improves supervision efficiency, and effectively protects food safety. Shenyang has established a retrospective system to establish an e-retroactive system in China, and in 2019, Shenyang City has been fully deployed in 2019. Food additives, edible oil, grease and its products, condiments, meat products, beverages, convenient foods, potatoes and puffed foods, candy products (including chocolate and products), bee products, pastries, categories, etc. 62 focus foods Production Enterprise Electronic Information Recording Traceability System Construction. Up to now, 10 production enterprises in Shenyang have established electronic information record traceability systems, gradually realizing the full effective supervision from material purchase, production, testing from the factory, etc., realizing the source of products, can be traced back, go to the inquiry, responsibility can be pursued .

Effective improvement of food safety supervision efficiency, reduces food safety risks, and has promoted the creation of national food safety demonstration cities.

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