Short video interview: learning party history and grasp the political overall situation

statement of problem.

Our party and the country are in a new historical starting point, no matter the new journey of building socialist modernization, it is still a new issue that has never been encountered in the past 100 years. To properly handle these issues, the most fundamental, most important is to be good at grasping the political overall situation. The problems we have encountered are very, but as long as they are good at grasping the political overall situation, those specific issues are not difficult to resolve.

Otherwise, it will be poor to cope, and it will even pay significant considerations due to improper dealing. Improve political judgment.

When you understand things and have a major problem, you only hold the attitude of "such as the abyss, such as a thin ice", everything is deactivated from the actual departure, cautious and repeatedly compares the advantages and disadvantages of different choices, in order to make a correct judgment.

Improve political understanding.

Improve political understanding, we must adhere to the spirit of party centralism analysis and promote work. At this point, it is necessary to "the big" of the country "is in the chest, in-depth understanding and accurate grasp. Social life is abnormal, in order to promote the development of career, it must seize the main contradictions in many contradictions, which is to seize the big events for global significance.

If you caught a big thing, you can solve it. The history of the party can help people broaden their eyes, the "big people of the country", and improve political understanding.

Improve political execution. Marxism has always believed that it is not just to know the world, which is more in transforming the world.

The world, political judgment, political understanding, and political implementation force are not possible.

Improve political execution, inseparable from doing. (Editor: Cao Wei, Qinhua).

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