Qinghai Province 2022 urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance payment work

  On October 19, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau that according to the "Notice on Doing a Good Job City Residents", Qinghai Province has begun to pay for the basic medical insurance payment of urban and rural residents in 2022.

  It is reported that on October 18, the current medical insurance and bank direct docked payment channels are closed, and the tax bank payment system is used, and individuals have achieved payment through a variety of channels. Online payment channels include WeChat payment. Log in to "WeChat" → Click "I" → select "Payment" → Click "City Service" → Select "Tax" → Click "Qinghai Province Social Security" → Select "Urban Residents Medical Insurance" to pay. WeChat public number payment. WeChat public account search "Qinghai CCB" → Click "Follow" → Enter "Life Payment" → Select "social security medical insurance" in the "Smart Medical" column; WeChat public number search "Cloud Contribution official" → Click "Follow" → Select Life Payment "→ Click" Social Security "→ Select" Urban and Rural Residents "in the Social Security Medical Insurance" column → click "to pay" → select "Qinghai Province urban and rural resident medical insurance" to pay; Alipay Pay the fee. Log in to "Alipay" → Select "Citizen Center" in "Daily Prerequisishes" → Select "Social Security" → Click "Resident Payment Fee" in the "Social Security Payment" column; mobile banking scan code payment.

Scan China Construction Bank, China Agricultural Bank and Everbright Bank provided QR code, select the relevant entrance to pay for payment (to ensure payment safety, need to scan the two-dimensional code provided by the bank’s QR code or bank counter, bank teller machine and other channels ); Mobile banking app payment. Insured urban and rural residents, they can pay the "China Agricultural Bank" "China Agricultural Bank" "Qinghai Rural Commercial Bank" and "China Merchants Bank" mobile app, "China Merchants Bank" only supports urban and rural residents pay for the capital of Xining area.

  Insured urban and rural residential payment can be passed through "China Construction Bank" "China Agricultural Bank" "Qinghai Rural Commercial Bank" and "China Agricultural Bank" "China Agricultural Bank" "China Agricultural Bank" "Qinghai Rural Commercial Bank "Self-service teller machine payment, among which" China Merchants Bank "only supports urban and rural residents pay for insured in Xining. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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