Pingguo County: Doing a good job in signing the service work to help health poverty alleviation

The clinic activity site.

Li Wenmei photos Pingguo May 7th IV 2020 is a final building of a well-off society, and the year of the decisive battle, the end of the poverty, the family doctor, the signing service is an important part of the health poverty alleviation. In order to do a good job in the family signing service, especially the establishment of the poverty house, grab the work of the epidemic, make up, recently, Pinggui County Chinese Medicine Hospital took 10 doctors to participate in the family doctor’s signing service team according to the work. Mainly give the key group of families to sign a contract, chronic smear screening, diagnosis, and slow disease card.

At the same time of this year, while preventing and controlling the epidemic, the signing team of each family has further strengthened the health education of the signing service population, doing healthy poverty alleviation policies, especially health management, targeted health management Educational prescriptions, family doctors who have quality and temperature are followed up. And make full use of calls, WeChat, etc.

At the same time, the family doctor is required to highlight the key points, combining health poverty alleviation and basic public health services, providing basic medical, public health services for signing people, and implement classification management for special crowds and slow disease patients, and effectively sign one person, performance One person, do one person.

And adhere to the problem-oriented, establish normalization, accurate, systematic problem rectification mechanism, and promote the improvement of health poverty alleviation work with high quality problems, and ensure that the health and poverty alleviation will ensure the war. (Li Wenmei) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun).

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