The people’s conclusion: The "refusal of the door" is "non-full" discrimination

Discrimination with accompanying behavior is exclusive, but the most "exclusive" is actually discrimination itself.

This feeling is that it has been banned from discrimination due to non-full-time graduate students.

It is recently, and the masses have reflected in the "Internet + Supervision" platform in the State Council, and the "non-full-time" graduate students will still be treated unequal.

According to the clues, the Eighth Supervision of the State Council found that in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, such phenomena did existently, such as some hospital recruitment clearly require the "All-Japanese undergraduate and more"; Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province, Beihai City Among the recruitment announcements for the whole country, some subsidies are clearly stipulated only for full-time graduate students, Nanning City, Guilin City, and Yulin City also will restrict some subsidies within full-time graduate students in the form of internal documents.

To put it, this is not a "non-full" discrimination topic to trigger attention.

At the end of August 2020, "The Phase of Non-Full ‘Applicants" in Erdos Teacher Recruitment is reflected by netizens. After the media exposure, the "non-full" discrimination will be brought into public line, and thereafter, similar phenomena has been exposed.

After being concerned with social attention, some places have deleted the "full-time" requirements in the recruitment announcement, and some local texts have been clear, and the non-full-time graduate graduates are also treated equal to full-time college graduates. I have experienced a scene of "social criticism – more rectification", and the "non-full" discrimination of the disease has not disappeared, and the inertia of discrimination practices related to discrimination mentality is difficult. In fact, in the first two days, there is also a media exposure, there is a graduate student Qihar University for postponed the school with the school, but is refused by the airline because "non-full-time students are not in line". These are still in a manner, those hidden discrimination on "not saying on the mouth, the body is very honest" is more common.

There was a netizen to spit, suspect that he read a false graduate student, and the non-full-time graduate graduation certificate that was not as good as the previous full-time undergraduate diploma.

In this regard, many cognitions of many employers are biased and the misunderstandings, which clearly needs to be corrected. Today, a lot of the impression of "non-full" graduate students is still "water" "less quality."

This is actually the eye is still in the past: "Non-all" graduate students before, "Paragraph" before, it is indeed a short acceleration channel of some people, and its cultivation is also more relaxed.

But the situation is not the same.

As early as 2016, the Ministry of Education specially issued documents, clearly adheres to the same quality standards for full-time and non-annual graduate education, and its academic degree certificate has the same legal status and the same effect. In addition to the difference between specific mechanics – one is to study in the whole time, one is to complete the studies in the deposit, both in the enrollment threshold, the level of training standards and academic degree certificates, have no difference. Some people believe that the full-time graduate training process and results are heavy, and "non-full" graduate students only pay attention to the results of culture.

This is not objective: "Non-all" graduate students do not pay attention to the process of training, but will complete the cycle of the study, and also give "process" more flexibility. In general, "Non-all" graduate students have to pay more energy and efforts – they have learned for hours, and they have to take care of work, schools and families.

As far as the "non-full" graduate student, only the cognitive model of certain employers and the concept of talents have fallen into the "engraving boat". Socialist Randel Collins believes that after the diploma has become "hard warning" in employment and social flow, it may alienate and in turn to harm reasonably social flow. This is the "only academic qualifications". "Non-all" discrimination is undoubtedly a deformity of the "only academic" soil. To break the "only academic" in the talent evaluation system, you have to eliminate misunderstandings in the government and enterprises and institutions. Guarantee the "non-all" graduate students enjoy equal employment, but also strengthen the storage and incremental review of "non-all" discrimination policy measures, and use supervision accountability to "non-all" discrimination brightly. In February 2020, the Ministry of Education and other five departments have clearly demanded in the "Notice on Further Doing the Employment Work of Non-Japanese Postgraduates." Providing equality employment opportunities for graduate students in different educational forms, no need to set up the qualifications regardless of position requirements condition".

There are still some employers to do not understand policies, recruitment posts, and the local regulations are not clear, and the employment selection space of "non-full" graduate students. If the violation of zero cost, no risk, the implementation of the policy is difficult to encounter. In view of this, the functions of the functional department report to complaints that "non-full" discrimination chaos, and take punishes for illegal units. If there is a "public" unit lead violation, then the accountability will be dropped. In addition, considering that many governments, job institutions are recruited, and the pre-compliance review is not less – to be "non-full" discrimination color from the front end. Clean up. In the end, there is no unit to have the right to "non-all" will reject the job seeker. Say to "non-all" discrimination, it is the consciousness of each employer, and it is also built-in requirements to create fair employment.

(Editor: Jiang Meng, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.

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