The red land has a "rich fruit"

Since this year, the Rural Commercial Banks in Jiangxi have increased financial support for the implementation of the effective connection to the expansion of the poverty and the revitalization of rural revitalization. By vigorously supporting the development of the country, the farmers, family farm, farmers, professional farmers and other new agriculture Economic main business is enlining industry, guiding labor capabilities, through employment, entrepreneurship, and continuously enhancement of endogenous motivation to consolidate the results of poverty reduction and self-development. The Rural Commercial Bank of Jiangxi Province launched an online visit to understand the production and operation of farmers, small and micro commercial households, and collecting its financial services.

"300,000 yuan loan, no mortgage and guarantee.

"The villagers who have just handed a small amount of credit loans Xu Xi’s thumbs up.

Xu Xuangheng is a prosperous leader in the industrial affair of the Yunzhou Village, Huazhi Town, Xinyu City. After the early market research, Xu Xi did decided to plant melons in Yunzhou Village in his hometown – Huazhi Town, which can both start a business, and can drive the village collective and the gap in the village.

But suffering from lack of start-up fund, Xu Master has never been able to buy high quality Anhui Hui to cultivate seedlings.

After the Sundier Rural Commercial Bank learned from the City Rural Revitalization Bureau, the first time organized the customer manager to go to the door to run loan on the spot.

Originally planned to complete the credit loans within 3 working days, from the application to the issuance, only for less than half a day, the local township government and villagers have been praised.

This year, Jiangxi Yuyuan Tea Industry won the new harvest, and the value of Yongyuan green tea has exceeded 2 billion yuan. In order to help the innovation of the source, the development of tea brigade is implemented. Since April this year, the Yuanyuan Rural Commercial Bank rely on the "Tax" Red Alliance Platform, Strengthens the Construction of the County Taxation Bureau, the county power supply company’s party building, "Party Building" + Finance "is leading, with the pragmatic financial mechanism of" Financial + Leigons "as the fulcrum, realizing the new model of multi-party participation, information sharing, and jointly promoted. The bank launched the "taxonomic silver easy to enter" characteristic credit products for small micro-enterprise owners, according to the principle of "one credit, cyclic use, no guarantee, with loan", and reducing customer financing costs and resolving customer mortgage.

"With this 2 million credit loans, the company can acquire tea farmers in large quantities, the output sales, the fellows will go through the red fire!" Yuyuan County Wanhe Tea Co., Ltd. is full of manner Say. The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating tea acquisition, processing, sales, and the loan of Cheng Zhou, is the credit product launched by the Source of Rural Commercial Bank – "Tax Allowance".

This product gives tax credit Class A enterprises, power services 7-star customers, and credit credit information A-class enterprises, enjoy credit preferential policies, to support the development of local small and micro enterprises to support local small and micro enterprises, and help rural revitalization. It is understood that the company has directly driven 25 people in the local villagers to achieve "doorstep" employment, family difficult household income increased from 10,000 yuan. As the "main army" and "rural soldiers" of rural finance, the province’s agricultural banking banks are helping to consolidate the effectiveness of the poverty and the effectiveness of rural revitalization, and they will lead more financial "live water" watering rural fertile soil. Help it takes off the poor to get more and more red.

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