Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Innovation Forms "Binhai Binning"

Original title: Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, "Binhai Borrow" ■ Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute project won the second prize of the 2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award, its independent research and development and industrialization transformation of Chinese medicine new drug radiation nationwide 24 provinces and cities ■ Project Self-developed new drugs have more than 30 years in the past three years. The total sales of more than 30 billion yuan. 27, including 23 major and common diseases in the fields of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, respiratory systems, and Tianjin Drug Research Institute as the first completion unit, Liu Changxiao’s leading "Based on ‘material – pharmacy – efficacy ‘The Chinese medicine innovation R & D theory and key technology and its application "project have obtained the second prize of the 2020 Science and Technology Progress Award.

The Tianjin Drug Research Institute as "Bridgehead" in the Pharmaceutical Industry Science and Technology Innovation in Binhai New Area, which is circulated around scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological achievements, has formed a brand with distinctive coastal character, and gradually comes out of its own characteristic development path. The project breaks through the traditional Chinese medicine research and development bottleneck Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute to obtain the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, "Based on ‘Material – Pharmaceutical – Efficiency’ Chinese Medicine Innovation R & D Theory and Key Technology and Its Application" project, using established evaluation system And technical platform, to complete the clinical research and evaluation of Chinese medicine in nearly 100 units, international registration, but also provide huge technical support for Chinese medicine production enterprises, promoted the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and internationalization, achieving significant Social and economic benefits. The project established by the project has improved the level of traditional Chinese medicine research and development in my country, and my country’s lack of traditional Chinese medicine innovation research theory and scientific model, restricting the development of traditional Chinese medicine and industrialization efficiency. bottleneck.

At present, the project has independently developed and industrialized transformation of traditional Chinese medicine new drugs to 24 provinces and cities in my country, which has played a huge role in the structural adjustment of Chinese medicine industry products and industry technology upgrades; autonomous research and development of new drugs in nearly 300 more than 300 100 million yuan. Among them, there were 2 varieties of more than 1 billion yuan, and there were 8 varieties of sales of more than 100 million, published more than 600 papers, including 115 SCI papers, 20 Chinese and English monographs, have an active academic impact. The scientific and technological achievements can achieve 100% transformation as the main force of the innovation of Pharmaceutical Industry, Binhai New District. In recent years, the complexity of Chinese medicine in Tianjin Drug Research Institute has been fully committed to the "Pharmaceutical Study of New Drugs – Clinical Evaluation – Industrialization – Industrialization Transformation – After listed, the clinical value of the listing and the advanced manufacturing process study, gradually constructs the theory, scientific model and key technology of Chinese medicine innovation research and development, providing a key path for "high-quality drugs" for realizing research and development, "effective drugs" and production .

  The reporter learned that the transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements in Tianjin Drug Research Institute has been among the best in the country. Liu Changxiao’s academician told reporters that the scientific and technological achievements of the Tianjin Drug Research Institute presented three characteristics: First, to achieve clinical demand-oriented, it can effectively contribute to social economic development; second, high conversion, scientific and technological achievements can be realized 100% transformation and 100% industrialization, breaking through industrial bottlenecks in the past domestic sectors only 5% -10%; third, writing the paper in the land of the motherland, using technological innovation to realize the transformation of self-cultivation in my country’s medical field Further improvement in the system.

  Up to now, Tianjin Drug Research Institute has independently developed 41 Chinese medicine new drug certificates, and all achieve industrial transformation. Among them, 39 in the first variety, 33 exclusive varieties, 27 medical insurance catalogs, covering 23 major and common diseases in the fields of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, respiratory systems.

Taking the Tianjin Drug Research Institute, my country’s first drip dosage-type Chinese medicine new drug (quick-acting rescue pill) has been gradually established a common key technology of Chinese medicine dripping preparation, and gradually developed a series of Chinese medicine droplets. New drug.

  The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Institute of Drugs said that the research institute has formed a chemical drug, traditional Chinese medicine and biotechnology drug three major sectors, with target analysis and verification, molecular design, compound preparation and screening, raw materials Preparation process and quality standard study, to the preparation prescription and process research, and non-contained evaluation research, including pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic and safety evaluation, and a series of research teams such as clinical programming and drug registration matters. Currently, multidisciplinary, multi-professional cross-cooperative research is currently being carried out around innovation drugs.

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