Provincial and urban areas to promote Jinan new and old kinetic energy conversion start zone urban management again

Li Li said that the three-party cooperation co-construction framework agreement is closely surrounded by high quality development in the Yellow River Basin, including two major aspects of the city, including garbage sorting, domestic garbage facilities, city, urban management mechanism, digital urban management platform Construction and other specific areas. I hope that the three squares have implemented the subject responsibility, insist on urban green development roads, high standard system planning, scientifically planning space layout, improve urban infrastructure construction, improve urban governance level; adhere to green low-carbon development, implement new development philosophy, adhere to ecological priority, Saving priority, protecting priority, implementing carbon decision, carbon comprehensive target tasks, solid promoting urban renewal action, accelerating the transformation of urban construction methods, and striving to build a green sample for urban construction management.

Enhance the level of urban governance; pay close attention to the project floor, scientific planning, high level construction of a batch of garbage classification, garbage disposal, construction waste, landscape style, urban green key project. After the establishment of the cooperation mechanism, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department will work closely with the Jinan City Administration and the Starting Area Management Committee, focus on the overall goal of the construction and development of starting zones, and fully promote the implementation of the cooperation framework agreement.

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