The French mountaineering team found that from the South Slope Climbing Everest New Route

A French mountaineering team recently found a new route to climb the world’s highest peaks in Nepal, and the new route can avoid the very dangerous Kunbo Icefall in the traditional route.

This French mountaineering team leader Mark Batt said to Xinhua News Agency reporters that the new route begins with Gao Lexue area of ??5164 meters above the Nubugoshan, helping the climber to avoid Kunpa Waterfall. To climb the Everest from the new route, the climber needs to take Gao Le Xue as a big camp, climbed from Nubugoshan to 6200 meters height, this height is between No. 1 and No. 2 of Everest Traditional Climbing Route No. 1 and No. 2.

The climber then needs approximately 400 meters from the 6,200 meter height to the 1st camp.

After arriving at No. 1, the climber can climb the top of the peak through the traditional route.

Batal said that climber can’t use new routes for a long time until there is no permanent rock cone.

The Kunbo Waterfall is located between the Bandal Camp and No. 1 camp, often in the Camp, and has caused several climbers to be killed in recent years.

Although other routes climbing Everest have been confirmed, Nepal currently recognizes the traditional mountaineering route through the Kunbo Icefall. Nepalese Tourism Bureau officials Bisma Raj Bartrai said to Xinhua News Agency, although the Nepalese government has so far only acknowledges traditional climbing routes, but does not ban climbing from climbing Everest using other alternative routes. If the foreign climber uses other routes, the mountaineering fee paid is lower than the traditional route. Barttar was 70 years old, in 1988 and 1990, the peak will be closed twice without using oxygen. He plans to sprint the Everest in the case of not using oxygen in the spring next spring. (Responsible Editor: Li Chain CN080).

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