The world’s most popular study abroad is ranked! Australia fell, the first place is …

Analysis of Google Search Data Discovery, Canada is one of the most popular study abroad countries.

According to a report released by the remittance platform, Canada is the most searching for the most in the 36 countries of Colombia to India. This is more than any other country.

These data are summarized by analyzing "learning" or "a certain location in a certain location" or "university university in a certain location".

The second is Spain, which is the largest destination in 13 countries, followed by England, ranked first in 10 countries.

Ranking Japan, France and the United States. Australia ranked fifth in the list, compared the location of last year, has fallen obviously.

The report found that France is the most destination of Canadian students search.

The report also studied the search interest in the University of the World University. Toronto University is considered to be the largest university in Canada, ranking # 7 of global search heat.

Harvard University is in the list, followed by the University of California, Los Angeles, and Oxford University.

Before Covid-19 popular, Canada’s international students increased more than twice as much as 10 years. At the 2018-2019 school year, there are 313,395 international students in Canada, which is only 100,968 ten years ago.

Because of the higher tuition fees, universities and colleges, the operational budget of universities and colleges is increasingly rely on international tuition fees. The number of international students in some areas has surgery.

During this period, the number of international students in mathematics, computer and information science has increased by 374%.

International students who have enrolled the relevant courses in the transportation department have also increased nearly seven times. I don’t know if I see this list, will Australian universities still have to worry? (Editor: Lu Qilong Cu002).

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