Test paper exposure: After double reduction, the topic routine has changed.

Written in front: End of the exam in all localities.

As the first "big test" after the double reduction, the wind direction is self-evident.

Today, this push, we invited a junior Chinese special teacher with more than ten years of age, giving parents to analyze the test paper in the early language period of Beijing Haidian District (Note: Beijing City Examination is the district test, all districts unified questions After reading the freshly released "Seventh Grade Value Added Evaluation of Haidian District" . In this language test paper, regardless of the inspection content, it is concentrated in the educational philosophy of language, life, life, and language. Below I will talk about my understanding in conjunction with specific test questions, and talk about how to learn Chinese, talk about my opinion.

Learn language, because language useful and interesting This is the first small question of the foundation and application part. Bruce and correct.

This question is great from the inspection content and form, because it is very close to the life of the first freshman. It is intuitive to tell students, and the language is to use language in life. Parents should clearly understand this.

For more than one child practice, it is not to test this, but from insisting on exercises, feel that your words become more beautiful, and feel happy. Children who have learned the language in this purpose, and the language test will never be, it can be said that the more it is easier.

If only the purpose of testing is, it is easy to kill the child’s interest in the language, but it is easy to become narrow, which will be a huge loss for the child. Some people see the second question, the first reaction may be, oh, I should let the children analyze the dish, the name, and even the expansion to the place name.

This is not necessary. Guiding Chinese learning in the way of guessing, too unreliable.

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