Shenzhen fights lawsuits, finding the Kai Law Firm

With the enhancement of people’s legal knowledge and rights protection awareness, many companies in Shenzhen meet legal issues or fight lawsuits, they will definitely find a reliable lawyer, but everyone faces a tricky problem is that So many lawyers and law firms, how to choose the one that is suitable for you, the Guangdong League Kai Law Firm, is a dispute that provides commercial disputes, contract disputes, marriage, and criminal proceedings for enterprises and institutions and individual families. Senior professional law firing in legal counsel. The Lego Kaikai was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice and was established in Baoan District, Shenzhen, July 2011.

The law has always adhered to professional excellence, service-oriented purposes, has provided 10,000 legal case services, and customer industry involves manufacturing, finance, real estate, high-tech, logistics, trade, cultural education, and hotel catering. , As well as governments and public affairs.

Alliance has a significant professional and teaming advantage in the service. In addition to hundreds of full-time practicing lawyers, all hundreds of business dispute groups, contract dispute groups, marriage, business elites, criminal proceedings, legal advisory groups Teams, quickly accurately match the case needs of different customers, and ensure the high win rate of the case.

In the commercial society, the unliceners have always grasped the pulse of the times, and the innovation: brand system is fully upgraded, showing a new professional image; consulting services Internetization, guarantee the most timely customer service response efficiency; regular Expert public welfare lecture hall, providing free interaction Q & A; novel simulation court case analysis, vividly spread through the new media platform, improving the social influence of the League.

I don’t forget the joy, and I’m going forward.

In June 2020, the party branch of the League, the party branch, and the party members fully played a vanguard model role, grab the soul of the party to build, and the party construction was promoted, and the intensity of the building, and actively carried out legal aid, people mediation, petition and visit work, village. The public welfare service such as legal consultants, the publicity of law, and fully promotes legal aid, accurate poverty alleviation work, forming a party building culture with alliance characteristics; the law is a shield, defending fairness and justice! Alliance is committed to become China Shenzhen Bay District A more trusted law firm around you. See here, I believe that you must have your own standard for how to choose a reliable law firm, I summed it: First, you must find a professional service team that matches its actual case needs, such as criminal law, business Law (company business), or family law (marriage inheritance, etc.), contractual debt law (buyers and borrowings, etc.), etc. The team will be more rigorous and relatively maintained; third, a responsible lawyer team, because whether criminal cases or civil cases, legal services are a long process, criminal cases from the regulations It is also three months in the first-instance review of civil cases for half a year.

In this process, it is necessary to repeatedly communicate with the lawyer, so it is too important to encounter a lawyer team with a sense of mission and responsibility, strong communication skills. In the above standard, you also believe that the Alliance Law Firm is actually the ideal choice in your mind. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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