Shaanxi delegation won the first gold of the 14th National Games

Original title: Shaanxi delegation won the first gold of the 14th National Games, the reporter Zhang Jiangzhou, July 26, the reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Football Management Center: On the same day, the 14th National Games in Inner Mongolia Hohhot During the final of the eleven men’s rural township group, the Shaanxi team finally defeated the Inner Mongolia team by the total score of 5:2, and won the champion of the competition. This is also the first gold medal harvested by Shaanxi delegation in the 14th National Games. In this game, the Shaanxi team and the Inner Mongolia team have launched a fierce competition. The strength of both parties is inconsistent, and the score of 1: 1 in conventional time. In the penalty war, the Shaanxi team played excellent, and finally the gold medal in the sac in the total score of 5:2.

The 14th National Federation of Masters The Eleven Men’s Rural Township Group was hosted by the State Sports General Administration, the China Football Association, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, held in Inner Mongolia, Hohhot on July 18th to 26th, with Shaanxi Team, 7 teams such as Inner Mongolia team, Zhejiang team participated in the competition. Shaanxi this team from Longgao Town, Binzhou City, Xianyang City. Previously, the Shaanxi team defeated the Yunnan team in the group of 4:2, and defeated the Jiangsu team at 6:2, and defeated the forces in the semi-finals. It is like a broken bamboo. The award.

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