Shanxi creates a "green giant" Spring Festival to send more than 800,000 passengers

  Original title: Shanxi created "Green Giant" Spring Festival sent more than 800,000 passengers on March 8th, with a bright whistle, C5753 train slowly entered the Chengdu vehicle section Shuangliu passenger nature, logo The "Green Giant" developed by the CR200J2 revival number developed by Zhongtong Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. successfully completed the 2021 Spring Festival.

  This Spring Festival, the Middle Truck Datong Company subsidiary the Chengdu Group Corporation of Chengdu Vehicle Section 70 kilometers of moving concentrated revival EMU, 8 feet in each group, 720 presses per group.

A passenger task in Chengdu to Dazhou, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Xining and other places, the line rate reached 100%, and the accumulation of 340,000 kilometers, and the passengers were sent more than 80 million passengers.

  In order to protect the Spring Festival, the SMD is based on the resident service point, cover the high-efficiency Spring Festival maintenance platform of the company’s relevant departments, and set up 24-hour Spring Festival service hotline in each service site to ensure that the first time can be able to be expert technology. Support team point-to-point consultation, communication, disposal failure. In addition, 12 "exquisite strength will" will "station in Chengdu vehicle segment, carry out the maintenance task of Spring Festival locomotive, and ensure that locomotive is not faulty, providing high quality motivation for transportation first line.

During the Spring Festival, the 7-way speed 160 kilometers of dynamic concentrated revival of the EMU full load operation, no compassion and late outlet accidents, the SMD won the praise of customers with stable and reliable product quality and high-quality and efficient service.

(Reporter Zhao Zhi Cheng correspondent Zhao Jinghong).

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