Understanding my country’s first cross-sea high-speed rail bridge in China

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Lin Jing, correspondent Jin Wei, Xu Yunhua) 5 o’clock on November 13th, Fuzhou to Xiamen Railway (referred to as "Fuxia High Speed ??Rail" by China Railway 11th Bureau ("Fuxia High Speed ??Rail") The sea is smooth, and the key control node of the railway is open, and the desire to go to the sea is about to be achieved.

Fuxia High Speed ??Rail is the first cross-sea high-speed rail, design speed, 350 kilometers, positive line long miles, crossing the three bays of Zizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Anhai Bay.

Zizhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge Long kilometer, the main bridge is the mainstall of 180 meters of prestressed concrete continuous streamlined Tower Passing Bridge, which can meet 3,000 tons of ships, for the first cross-sea high-speed rail tower cable-free bridge. According to reports, the Zizhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge is the only bridge in the whole line. It has reduced the area of ??the land box beam than the traditional 32-meter box beam, which not only increases the navigation capacity of the bridge, but also reduces the impact of the tide on the bridge pier. force.

After the Fumexian high-speed railway, Fuzhou to Xiamen will be shortened to 1 hour, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou Minnan "Golden Triangle" will form a half-hour traffic circle, and promote the rapid development of the Southeast coastal urban agglomeration.

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