Traditional literature provides quality content for film and television adaptation

Original title: Traditional literature provides the film and television adaptation of the popular network novels for film and television adaptation, and it takes a small proportion in the current film and television creation. There are explosions, there is a good reputation, but there is also a rotten tail drama and a low division. At the same time, after a downturn, excellent traditional literary works have been favored by film and television adaptation, and is moving towards a benign direction.

The vitality of a large number of traditional literary works is tested by the time of the film and television adaptation.

Classical novels such as four famous books, "Liao Zhai Zhi", etc., have been included in the film and television drama. "The South China Old Things" "Biancheng" "A Q Zheng Chuan" "Xu Mao and his daughter" "Kong Yi" "Lin Jiamu" "Besie" "Four World Tong Tato" and other modern novels, also moved on the screen or The screen, some works, such as the "four-life tattoo" broadcast, even the empty alley. If many popular network novels rely on the legendary plot of imagination, then traditional literary works, depending on their deep literary skills, profound ideological connotation, enrich human emotions, active orientation, and reproduce The attention of the production company or platform is the next development of the film and television drama quality content. In the past two or three years, contemporary traditional literary works provide a lot of excellent content for film and television dramas. Su Lao’s "ordinary world", Xu Guixiang’s "historical sky", Mai’s "dark calculation", Du be beam’s "bright sword", Liu Jing’s "parental love", Chen Zhongshi’s "White Deer", Ara "Dust settlement" and other excellent novels, the same name TV series, and Bi Feiyu’s "Music" and "Shake, Shake to Grand Papridge" (the original "Shanghai past"), Mo Yan’s "red sorghum", Maijia’s "wind" "The edited film works are all provided by the novelist.

When you come, the novel is adapted to the film and television drama is not the original intention or purpose of the writers. Some of the novelists even rejected film and television drama, but as a strong audio-visual medium, film and television undoubtedly become an important way for novel the original communication. This is slowly being recognized by the writers.

Salter drama, the content is the king has become a consensus of the film industry. Extremely traditional literary works provide the thickness of mellow, making film and television adaptation more easily, more gratitude.

A true and excellent work, a novel that is suitable for film and television adaptation, a good story, full of human positive energy, is difficult to discover by the "Wen Dynasty" of the film and television. In the past two years, according to the "Hua Shan Hishan Township" adapted to the novel (the original "Country Secretary"), according to the "Jingshan Sea" adapted by Zhao Defa (the original "Jingshan Sea"), we can see The film and television adaptation momentum of traditional literary works is justified.

In recent decades, film and television art has developed rapidly, and its outstanding people can also add color to literature. Such as "Zhengong", "Beiping has no war", "Daming Dynasty 1566" "My Group, I am", "I have finally turned into a novel novel, and its script story architecture is more firm, more convincing than some long novels. More vivid people.

It is understood from this level to understand that literature and film and television works are actually interoperability, interdependent, mutual achievement.

Traditional literature is an important support for film and television, and we should give full advantage in film and television creation.

A great prosperity, a good film and television creation environment, let traditional literary works have greater growth space. There are countless ordinary people in the history of the 100th year, and the new China has more than 70 years of development achievements. The vicissitudes of reform and opening up for more than 40 years, all the creators have excavated the creation of rich mines, the best material " . Traditional literature adheres to ideological and unique temperament, which can give film and television adaptation special charm. As a novelist and screenwriter, I am very expected that traditional literature play a greater role in the adaptation of film and television works. It has completed, prosperous and win-win, and also look forward to traditional literary works readers and film and television works audience groups can be highly coincident. This is a good meeting between people and art between the art.

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