The Central Military Commission held a promotion of the military ranks Xi Jinping to express the ordered or congratulated the military officers of the promotion.

The People’s Liberation Army reported on July 5 (Reporter Ou Chan) The Central Military Commission promoted the military ranking on the 5th of the Beijing Bayi Building on the 5th. President of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping will issue a command-shaped military officer to promote the rank. At 5:15 pm, the Jinchao ceremony began in the solemn national song.

Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Qiang read out the promotion of the Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping’s promotion of the military ranks.

Zhang Yan, Vice President of the Central Military Commission, hosted the Jincheng ceremony. This promotion of the military officer: Wang Xiubin, the commander of the southern, and Xu Qizheng, the commander of the Western Warband, Liu Zhenli, and the strategic support forces.

Promoting the 4 military officers of the rank strictly, and the spiritual shake came to the front of the chair.

Xi Jinping will give them a command-shaped and congratulate.

Wearing the four officers of the army shoulder, salted the comrades of Xi Jinping, respectfully the comrades who participated in the ceremony, sounded warm applause.

The Jinchao ceremony ended in the bright military song. Subsequently, the leaders of Xi Jinping took a group photo with the promotion of the military officers.

Wei Fenghe, Li Yifeng, member of the Central Military Commission, Miaohua, Zhang Shengmin, and the major leaders of the military committee authorities, the main leadership of the Beijing major units. Author | Liberation Army reporter Ou Can Source | Learning Legion (ID: Xuexijuntuan) Editor: Ji Caihong.

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