Use the ideal light to shift the road (deep attention · Centennial party’s successful password · grassroots observation 1)

Looking at the lofty ideal as actual action, I retired in December. Lao Jiang didn’t have to rest, or worked hard, even because of nostalgia. Lao Jiang is called Jiang Guoyong, and the cadres of the Taxation Bureau of Zhenkang County, Yunnan Province, in 1984, from the troops to the Towel Township Finance, in the fiscal system for more than 30 years. Zhenkang is located in the first line of the Southwest border, and the pressure of the epidemic "external prevention input" is huge. In April this year, the county government enterprises and institutions began to provide border lines, one kilometer per capita. I didn’t have myself in the first place, Jiang Guo raised, he took the initiative to the party committee, and he must join the first batch: "I am stationed in the deep mountain jungle when I have, I have learned a medical treatment, let me go!" Consider To his older, the unit leadership patients explained to him: 3 hours from the county city, no water, no water, no electricity, rain season slope mudsl flow, there is a grass on the patrol line, maybe I can touch the clean mine … !, "I am a veteran, I am a old soldier, I am afraid of these!" On the same day, Jiang Guo Rong will go to the 113rdrove to the Sanshi duty to station, to the Sanshi Duty duty In the evening, I met "under Maver". 10 people are divided into two residents. Everyone just took the tent, the rain is coming, and the bed is full of wet.

The weather is too cold, and everyone is sure to roast the fire.

In this way, every day, there is no less than 8 times in the forest road, and you will pick up the firewood, and use the gasoline engine to generate electricity. For more than a month. Although the work is bitten, but whenever I see the party flag on the border line, everyone is full of mission.

As an old party member, Jiang Guoyong understands the ideals and beliefs is very simple, it is "doing more every day.

"When Lao Ginger works in the wood court in the wood farm, running outside for more than 20 days, traveling for four or five hours a day, the road to each village, sometimes climbing the river for a few cents; in order to protect the tax The clothes are full of large and small pockets, rain, wrestling, don’t care, they must pay attention to taxes; hunger is hungry, it is home to meals, but hungry can not eat taxpage, a porridge, take a needle first line … Lao ginger is not high, but it is the business expert in the unit.

When I just contacted the computer, I also felt that "the head is big", he follows the young people to learn, he will practice hard, and slowly grasp the operation.

In these years, in order to master the spirit and decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, he often learned on the small stone table in the unit, "like the gyro, absorbing it like a sponge."

"His temper business is also good, doing the masses have a hand, the masses come to the business, they are used to find old ginger." Colleague Shi Lei said. A party member.

Lao Jiang is like a thousand tens of party members, where is it, and the pioneer model of Communists will play, and the party’s work has been continuously advanced.

With a firm belief, the newly-admired communication, Liu Shuwen, the fourth party branch of Tianjinping Village, Qiaoyou Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province: "The party members and the masses have a heart, completing the land acquisition, and worked on labor Base, together buy materials, concrete pavement directly, the whole process is called a smooth! "But a few years ago, such a good thing always did not work.

The current Tianxin Village is a few rounds of four villages. Chen Jie, secretary said. The project is difficult to land, and the development of autonomous industry will not talk. Unadweb is uniform.

Time, Joyou Town Party Committee deputy secretary Shu and served secretary of the Tin Xinping Village Party, began to concentrate on rectification. "We found that there is a uncommon sense of awareness, guarding your own ‘an acre of three sides’, saying that it is ideal belief that it is not determined.

"Shu said.

"Our party has a lofty ideal, what is the most magnificent cause, how can private interests in front?" Shu Lou said that Tian Xinping Village began to start with a strong team, and focus on strengthening the education of ideals and belief. Several 80s, after 90, party members were absorbed as members of the Village, two committees, and grew up as the "leading geese" in the village.

In 2019, Chen Jie returned to his hometown in foreign tradeers, and the secretary of the organizational and villagers and the director of the village committee should shoulder.

Strict party political life is political experience in party members, and the new village two committees build a party member activity position, conscientiously implement the "three sessions" and the theme party day system.

The standardization construction of 6 party branches has been completed, and 12 new party group event places.

Village regularly organizes party membership activities, through visiting learning training, guiding party members to firmly believe in ideals and enhance the power of officers.

Liu Zhipeng, a new developing party member, is a 90, and he impressed the deepest is learning Lei Feng Theme Party Day.

The young party members in the village visited Wangcheng Lei Feng Memorial Hall, Lei Feng’s former residence, reading Lei Feng Biography.

"Lei Feng is ideal faith, no personal gains in action, is all the interests of the masses. This makes us feel very touched and firmly serve the people.

Liu Zhipeng said.

The young party members actively actively join the village collective economic cooperatives, led the "Tian Xinqing Chuang" public welfare organization.

"The name is used in the name of the name, but also contains the meaning of the ‘heart and Tian’ ‘, which expresses our determination to achieve the revitalization of rural residents and reach the common wealth.

"Liu Zhipeng said that every year, the young party members are active in the major markets and catering companies around Wangcheng, and the public welfare organizational obligations help the villagers of shrimps to contact the market, guiding the difficulties in the village to raise shrimp technology. Party construction leads, development and powerful. Tian Xinping Village At present, a thousand mu of demonstration lotus base is completed. The annual national collective income is stable at 3,400,000 yuan. In just a few years, the village collective liabilities have been greatly reduced, and the village has entered a benign orbit. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Mao Siyuan) Sharing More people see it.

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