Tibet Linzhi travels to and from Wuhan route

  The picture shows the activity site. Zhang Mengjia 31, 12:56, with Sichuan Airlines 3U3011 flight stable in Linzhi Miluli Airport, Wuhan-Linzhi route shine is a complete success.The route flight number is Sichuan Airlines 3U3011 / 3U3012, a week (two, four, six, seventh), Wuhan departure time is 09: 50-13: 10 Arrive in Linzhi; Linzhi take off time is 13: 55-17: 05 arrivalWuhan.

The opening of the route has enhanced the capacity of Linzhi Milin Airport to meet the needs of passengers, enrich the route network, and promoted the integration of beautiful Linzhi and Jiangcheng Wuhan.China Civil Aviation Linzhi Terminal was established in 2005, with an airport at an altitude, and it is the third set of airports in Tibet.

After more than ten years of development, from route layout, take-off, passenger throughput, the data throughput and other data has exceeded Tibet’s second terminal, becoming the second largest airport in Tibet, as of now.A city.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

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