Town Ning Autonomous County Ningxi Street launched the "Nine-nine Chongyang Festival, strong Jing Jing," Thanksgiving respect

The activity is concentrated in Baishan filial piety, "Respecting the old, respecting the elderly, loves the old" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

Recently, a centralized Thanksgiving respective activity was launched in the 11th Village of Ningxi Street, Zhenning Autonomous County.

The event is accompanied by songs "often go home", and the old people are sitting in parallel, their children are washing, the old people enjoy the expression of gratitude, listen to the care of children, and the scene is warm and harmonious. According to the secretary of the local village branch: "Filial piety is not equal, love is in the current", held the Double Ninth Festival activity, in order to enrich the spiritual cultural life of the elderly, establish the wind of the old people in the village, promote social civilization, create filial piety Friendly old social atmosphere.

The children who participated in the event have said that they usually have to work and be with their families. This concentration gives the opportunity to reunite with their families, express gratitude to the elderly. It is often accompanied by parents in the future. Eat meals, pay more attention to the elderly.

It is reported that the local health centers are free for the elderly for the elderly, and the local credit workers sends the pots such as pots, cotton shoes to the elderly. (Text / Figure Wang Weiping) (Editor: Yulin, Chen Kangqing).

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