The study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "July" important speech continue to deepen

Reporter: July 1, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China to attend the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the inaugural meeting and delivered an important speech, which the Ministry of Justice authorities organized learning activities? Liu Dianmin: grand ceremony in Tiananmen Square to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, in the history of our party and the country has significant milestone in the history of the world socialist development. Justice Department attaches great importance to early deployment, meticulous organization, on July 1 to carry out three activities: First, review the party oath ceremony was held.

Conference before the celebration, members of the leading body bureau directly under the authority of some cadres and representatives of collective review the party oath, to further strengthen the party’s sense of membership awareness; the second is focused watch live.

Departments under the organization bureau-level leading cadres above the collective watch live, while the party branch as the unit below the level party members and cadres focused on listening to and watching an important speech, followed by General Secretary Xi Jinping recalled the glorious history of the party walked a hundred years, achieved brilliant achievements, created great spirit, accumulated valuable experience; the third is organizational learning exchange.

Each branch directly under the authority of the General Assembly to convene party members, party members and organizations to talk about watch live, exchange experiences, to muster a new era of struggle, progressive Manner new journey. Reporter: study and implement "July" important speech of the whole Party and is currently a major political task, which made arrangements for the Justice Department? Liudian Min: Ministry of Justice to study and implement the Party Group General Secretary Xi Jinping, "July" important speech as a major political task, strengthen leadership, overall planning, meticulous arrangements, firmly and realistically, do focus on three tasks: first, timely convening of the Party Group (expanded) conference, to convey the theme of learning. July 2 morning, Justice Minister Tang Yijun presided over the (expanded) Party Group meeting, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the topic to convey learning, "July" important speech, in-depth understanding of the significance, the essence of the essence and practice requirements, combined with judicial administrative duties, research implement the views of the Department of Justice study and implementation of co-ordination plan, make overall arrangements, clear thinking initiatives, key tasks and responsibilities; the second is the rapid convening of a system-wide teleconference, mobilization deployment.

July 9, the Ministry of Justice held a national teleconference on administration of justice system, Comrade Tang Yijun attended and spoke, around fully aware of the "July" important speech of great political significance, theoretical significance, practical significance, accurate understanding grasp the "great, glorious, great dream, great achievements, great spirit, a great program, great revolutionary, great call "the essence of the essence, resolutely carry the mission responsibilities, the letter" July "important speech to implement the floor, system-wide learning the" July "important speech made by mobilization and deployment; third is to develop the issuance of documents, to make special arrangements.

Conscientiously implement the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, clear objectives, tasks, focusing on content, the main work, to further deepen and refine the real work of the initiative, the national administration of justice system study and implementation of "July" important speech made special arrangements for specific requirements. Reporter: study and implement "July" important speech, the Justice Department leadership is how to play an exemplary role? Liu Dianmin: Justice Department leadership team members to lead by example, and consciously carry the political responsibility, take the lead, personally speaking, strict grasp, give full play to "critical minority" leading role model, the rapid rise of the study and implement "July" important speech at the Justice Department authority climax. First, give full play to "lead goose" effect.

On July 7, Comrade Tang Yunjun led the leadership team members and the direct organs of the direct organs to visit "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission ‘China Communist Historical Exhibition", revisit the party’s oath, leading the promotion of all party members and cadres to enhance their efforts The political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action of the important speech, consciously, practical strength from the history of the party’s struggle, keep in mind the initial mission, better performance. The second is to actually play the demonstration.

Comrade Tang Yunjun took the lead in participating in the topic of the Party branch in the regular party member, truly put himself, put the responsibilities in, put the work in, comprehensively examine the "July 1" important speech, and in-depth learning experience and sentiment, To give a demonstration for the direct organs of the party organizations at all levels of the direct organs, they will be demonstrated, leading to the promotion of all party members and cadres of the directly underground organs, and more consciously achieved the history of history, the history of history, and the history of history. . The third is to pay attention to the role of leading learning.

Formulate Party Group Theory Learning Center Group Special Learning Program Unify the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deployment of party central decision-making. Reporter: Learning to implement the spirit of "July 1" is the core content of party history education, what are the practices of the party organizations at all levels of the Ministry of Justice? Liu Dianmin: The Party Organization of the Ministry of Justice directly under the first level of the "July" important speech is the top priority of the current theoretical armed work. As the core content of the party history education, take the leadership team collective, party members and cadres, The topic party class counseling, the support of the branch, the theme party day exchange, and the strong atmosphere of studying and implementing the "July 1" important speech spirit, guiding party members and cadres, "big people", practice the initial mission, With a more strong mission, more empowerment, more pragmatic work style, build a successful journey in the great journey of socialist modern power.

Reporter: As the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Justice, please talk about the idea and initiative of the next judicial department to study and implement the next step. Liu Dianmin: Next, the Ministry of Justice Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office will adhere to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking with Xi Jinping, conscientiously implement the party’s central unified deployment and departmental arrangements, further strengthen coordination and supervision guidance. In deepening, transforming, refining, and solidifying, driving the "July" important speech, the spirit is really deep into the heart, landing roots, and achieves solid results.

First, we must further grasp the individual self-study. Organize all Party members and cadres original this reading of the original text, recognize the principle of true realization, eat spiritual essence, and grasp the core elements.

Second, we must further grasp the discussion of learning. The spirit of learning the "July 1" Important Speech as the Party Group Theory Learning Center Group and the top of the leadership of the leaders of all units, carefully organized collective learning seminars, strive to learn to learn, integrate, and lead the promotion of the majority of party members and cadres More consciousness, understanding, understanding, doing practical things, opening a new bureau.

The third should be further grasped to grasp the topic.

The special preaching report will be held, inviting the authority of the members of the central propaganda group to interpret the "July 1" important speech, further deepen understanding, understanding and grasp.

Fourth, we must further grasp the topic training.

Putting the spirit of "July" Important Speech as the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, the topic of the school, the topic, and the following cadres’ special training courses, carefully design course, grade batch batch to carry out full coverage training, expand learning Depth, improve learning effects.

Five must further grasp the special organizational life meeting.

Focusing on learning and implementing the spirit of "July 1" important speech, continues to supervise all the grassroots party organizations to organize a special organizational life meeting, promote the political improvement of party members and cadres, and have the thoughts, the spirit has sublimation, and give full play to the Communist Party members. Pioneer model. Sixth should further grasp the publicity report.

Give full play to the role of the news media, the website, fully utilize the new media platform, and understand the new ideas of the new ideas proposed by "July 1" important speech, fully reflect the understanding of the implementation of the department to study and implement, specific measures and actual results, guide the vast Party members and cadres better learned the party’s glorious history and sent it to the truth of the party’s innovation theory. Use a variety of publicity positions and vectors, all-round propaganda, multi-angle report hero model advanced deeds, and guide the majority of party members and cadres to learn advanced typical noble quality and lofty spirit.

Seven must further grasp the transformation of the results. Press the compaction responsibility, promote party organizations and all party members and cadres to learn to implement the "July 1" Important Speech and Implementation of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law, and Importance of General Secretary General Secretary on Total Power on General Secretary of Treatment and Judicial Administration in accordance with the law Conducting the major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, with the deepening of the political and legal team education, the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses" are closely integrated into the power of learning results into the powerful power of the subjective world and the objective world, transformation into the process The actual actions of the new journey, the new era of success, transformed into improved work skills, serve the people, and promote the actual development of high quality development in accordance with the law and the judicial administration.

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