Pay attention to fire safety, Helensburg property strives to create a safe community

In the exercise, the Kunming Branch listened to the ideological concept to heard the ideological concept, and the test team gave a sense of Shenghua Changsha Branch. The "2020 National Fire and Connection Police" announced by the official website, 2020, the country has received 10,000 fires, 1183 deaths, 775 injuries, direct property loss billion yuan, these figures are shocking, more sad.

Property loss can make up for more than a thousand families who have lost their loved ones to reunite. 119 Fire Alarm Clock Changming let us build a fire safety fortress from these small things, good fire safety habits, can prevent problems in habitual, greatly guarantee our lives and property. 1 Regularly check if the liquid-tube gas hose in the kitchen is leaking, standardize the use of gas, regular maintenance of liquefied gas, air air hoses, and gas cylinders; 2 Regularly view whether there is damage to the electrical line in the home, line Whether the core is bare, whether the home electrical appliance is a super-load use; 3 improve the fire safety awareness of the old people in the family, not at home, the balcony, etc. Charging the electric vehicle, after the electricity is charged, unplug the power in time, check the battery to supply the battery on time to avoid fire due to battery leakage. & hellip; & hellip; 2, fire escape, remember four characters.

When the fire comes, the calm use of four characters to escape to escape.

1 typing, discovering fire, no confusion, timely calling 119 alarm phone; 2 breaking words, electrical appliances, pay attention to safety cutting power; 3 transformation, escape, do not push it in order to advance, according to emergency channels Indicates an orderly escape; 4 下 字, when you have a fire, calm down, you can’t panic, blindly escape or walk the building, don’t take the elevator, take emergency channel. 3. Do a civilized owner, build a safe barrier.

There are many small things in life, and they have a crucial role in fire safety. They start from themselves, which is convenient for themselves, safe. For example: do not account for the fire passage, not in the escape channel, do not pile up the debris, do not push the electric car to the building, see the fire hazards and timely reports, etc., when the fire comes, it will become an important measure to save live and property.

Fire prevention, the firefighting responsibility is focused on the safety fire awareness of all personnel in Taishan, so that everyone will further understand the process of the fire, fully realize the importance of fire safety work in daily life, firm Establish a safety first awareness, put fire safety in the first place.

Helenburg property is not regularly held a fire training and drill every year, aims to improve the fire awareness and safety skills of all employees through fire training and on-site simulation exercises, and always build a strong fire safety line for the majority of owners! Disclaimer: 1. The image, audio, video files in this article is copyrighted by the copyright owner. If there is no intention to infringe the intellectual property rights of the media or individual, please tell us immediately. 2. Within the scope of the law, Helensburg property has the final right to interpret.

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