Powerful strength from the history of the 100th year (new)

From the history of the 100-year party, the forces (new) Xuchuan 2021 March 01 08:57 Source: Centennial Party, Fenghua Zhengmao.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the party history and mobilization meeting: "Looking back in the past struggle, looking forward to the road in front, must study the party’s history, summarizing, putting the party’s successful experience, good." Relogas the rural struggle of rushing, with the light of the light of the belief, and use the Heart to condense the power to continue to compose new historical chapters. Every time I look back in history, I am a spiritual baptism.

Our party has always attached importance to the education education of party history, paying attention to the hard work of the party’s struggle and great achievements, clear direction, and use the party’s glorious tradition and excellent style to determine the belief, cohesive strength, use the party’s practice creation and historical experience to enrich wisdom, 砥 砥Character.

Dialogue with history, we can better understand the past and grasp the present and face the future. The history of our party is a history of continuously promoting the Chinese chemicalization of Marxism, which is a history of continuously promoting theoretical innovation and creates theory. As a proletarian political parties armed with Marxist theory, the majority of party members must do firm beliefs and faithful practices, from the extraordinary history of the party, how to change Marxism, change the world, and feel Marxism The truth and practical power, deepening the awareness of the theoretical quality of China’s Marxism and the theoretical quality and the premiere of the times, especially to achieve historical achievements in the party and national business since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the process of historical change. , Profoundly study the new era of the party’s innovation theory, insist on unremitting the party’s innovation theory to armed the mind, guide practice, and promote work. The century-old journey is magnificent, and the end of the year is a long time.

Our party’s 100-year history is a history of practicing the initial mission of the party.

The red boat of Nanhu, Yanhe’s waves, Xibah’s cub … The mountain river of the motherland witnessed the Chinese Communists to continue to the glory of the new victory. From the establishment of the party’s opening, to the development of the new China, to the earth-shaking land to reform and open, the party and national career have achieved historical achievements since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the historical change, the root cause is that our party has always adhered to our party The Chinese people seek happiness and make the initiative and mission of the Chinese nation. Everything is going forward, you can’t forget the way you pass; go far, come to the future, you can’t forget the past, you can’t forget why, you must always do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, The party and the people’s career have been advanced for a long time. The 100-year history of the party is also the history of our party constantly maintain the party’s advanced and pureness.

To summarize historical lessons, focus on solving the real problem of party building, and continuously improve the party’s leadership level and ruling level, enhance the resistance to corruption and resistance; Due to trouble in the process, answering the Chinese Communist Party why "Can", Marxism Why "Well", Chinese Characteristic Socialism Why is "good" and other major problems.

Only by vigorously carry forward red traditions, inheriting red genes, we can always maintain the spirit of the revolutionary and fearless struggle, and encourage the new journey and enter the spirit of the new era. History is engraved with the glory of struggle, also indicates the future direction. Learning Master, Learning History, Learning History, Learning History

(The author is a secretary and professor of the Party Committee and Professor of the Marxist College of Natai University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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