Original sound! Listening is close to his global view

  The ninth meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries will open in Xiamen, China.

The People’s Daily Client launched a micro video "Common Destiny", combing the Chinese answer to the "world, what happened, what do we do", is the Chinese answer.

Come, listen to his global view with the same time with the following time. Today’s world is full of uncertainty, people are also confused by the future.

  What happened to this world? There is a point of view to blame the world against economic globalization.

  Economic globalization has indeed brought new issues, but we can’t kill the economy globalization.

  Let the world’s sea returns to a small lake, small river, is impossible, and it is not in line with historical trends.

  From a realistic dimension, we are in a challenged world. Peace deficit, develop the deficit, govern the deficit, is a severe challenge in front of all human beings. what should we do? The Chinese program is to build a community of human fate and achieve win-win sharing. The avenue is simple, and it is necessary. Countries have to work with the same boat, rather than in neighbors. The results of the trade war can only be injured in two defeats.

  We must improve mechanisms and means, better resolve disputes and contradictions, eliminate war and conflicts.

  Civilization differences should not be the root of the world conflict.

  Different civilizations should be short-term and advanced. The Chinese always believes that the world is good, China can be better; China is good, the world is better. China is the beneficiary of economic globalization, but also contributors.

  The Chinese people opened their arms to welcome people of all countries to develop "Express", "Car".

  Regardless of China’s development to which step, China will never dominate, never expand, never seek forces. China will further connect the "friends circle" throughout the world. China is the founding member of the United Nations, and China’s determination to support multilateralism will not change.

  The BRIC countries are the leaders of emerging market countries and developing countries. Believe in the cooperation of BRICS countries will force world peace, stability and prosperity.

  As long as we firmly establish a common sense of human destiny, work together, work together, with the same boat, and retro difficulties, it will be better to make the world more happily. Original title: Original sound! Listening is close to his global view.

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