Non-human primate germplasm resources and model research and development center projects start in Sanya

  Ye Lei, Director of the Strategy and Investment Development Department of Sanya Cliff State Bay Science and Technology City, said that the completion of the project will play two important roles: First, the reserve of non-human genome libraries; the second is follow-up to be non-human primate Classics and biomedical research, frontier direction and major breakthrough offer a good platform. We will set the selection in Sanya because Sanya natural conditions are superior, which is conducive to cultivating and breeding a macaque of non-human classes, good air, pleasant climate, and the macaques that breed here will be very healthy.

Ye Lei said. It is understood that the establishment of non-human primate platforms helps to build national strategic science and technology power and non-human primate research field strategic technology.

The research of non-human primate experimental animals will greatly promote the development or breakthrough in the field of life sciences. The non-human primate experimental animal resources will be an important strategic resource that promotes life science development, overcome human major diseases, and guaranteeing life and health. And supporting life scientific research, biotechnology innovation and bio-pharmaceutical industry development play an indispensable important role.

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