Peking University is good to use the black land ("14th Five-Year Plan", we started to start)

Original title: Peking University is good to use a good black land ("14th and 5th", and we started to start this. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Take effective measures to effectively protect the black land in this’ cultivated land. Always benefit the people forever. "The" 14th Five-Year Plan "and the 2035 long-term target program should clearly put forward black land protection projects, strengthen Northeast black land protection and landability recovery.

The Heilongjiang Reclamation is located in one of the three black tilles of the world. It has more than 44 million mu of cultivated land, and the grain comprehensive production capacity is over 40 billion kilograms. "Cultivated land is the life of food production!" Wang Shoucong, party committee and chairman of the Peking University Water Reclamation Group, "The ’14th Five" starts, we will adhere to the rational use of cultivated land and strict protection, economic benefits and ecological benefits, and effectively protect The black land is this ‘cultivated giant panda’, the number of cultivated land and the quality ‘double red line’, continuously consolidating the foundation of the national food security. "Pushing the use of zero growth in the use of chemical peysal medicine" Do not apply the base fertilizer, the output is above? "Peking University The third management area of ??the Friendship Farm Group Friendship Farm, Zhao Shengxu can’t believe it. "Carrying corn – corn – soybean wheel, planting soybeans can effectively utilize the resilibility of the first two

"Tang Caojia, deputy director of the Agricultural Development Department of Friendship Farm, patiently explained, 120,000 acres of bean fields from the farm, and there is no difference in production, this year is intended.

Zhao Shengxu hailed, "By rotation, you can fertilize 10 kilograms in one acre." In the first management area of ??Qixing Farm, the planting households operated 300 mu of rice fields, including only 27 kg of fertilizer in the plus It is reduced by 7% to 10% higher than a few years ago.

"The farm conducts a round of stems and formula every 3 years. We use precision fertilization technology to reduce the percuscessime fertilizer." Hard fertilizer application to subtract down, 300 mu of rice fields operated by Zhang Shenghui Green certification, the mean rice per catty Sell ??to 8 yuan. "The fertilizer is reduced, the pesticides have dropped, but the output is improved!" Decimably fertilize, reduce pesticides, reduce herbal agents, a "three reduction" action is in depth, leading green high-quality agriculture, and better protects black land. . "Last year, we implemented the agricultural ‘three reduction’ demonstration area of ??15.92 million mu, the amount of fertilizer and pesticide decreased by 30,585 tons and 669 tons." Xia Yantao, the researcher of the Peking University Wasteland Group Agricultural Development, introduced this year, this year will accelerate the organic fat alternative fertilizer, Green pesticides replace traditional pesticides; "three minus" demonstration zone sterilization formulations fertilization, standardized plant protection machinery will achieve full cover, fertilizer, and pesticide use zero growth. The implementation of the whole amount of straw to field in the Great Northern Wilderness Farm Group two hundred ninety-one farm twenty-sixth work station, covered with straw shiny black earth glow in direct sunlight, a foot at a time …… "is no longer a go gray." On the field, the planting households said, "In the past, the cultivated land was deeply turned over, the soil is exposed, and the spring wind is a shaving dust." Protective farming alternative to traditional turns, let the black land exchange for a specification. "Now after autumn harvest, the protection farming measures such as deep and fragmentation are achieved, but also increased the total soil organic matter, but also reduce the erosion of soil storms." Chen Guosheng introduced that this year’s farm will continue to implement straw full range of protective farming, and a profound area plan is extended to 50,000 mu. Li Yanhai’s more than 100 rumors have been implemented for 6 consecutive years.

"Improve the soil organic matter content, planting the land and land farmland, the second nine-year farm is just a surge. Wu Weizong, deputy director of the Agricultural Development Department of Peking University, said that in 2020, the straw returning area of ??the reclamation area reached more than 4,400,000 mu, the cultivated land quality of the year The evaluation results show that the average organic matter content of the soil Dack / kg is more than 2015, and the decline in cultivated land is being reversed. More than a thousand acres of waterfields in the water conservancy demonstration area were divided into 32 squares, symmetry, quite spectacular.

"It turned out that this site was divided into more than 100 plots, the terrain was uneven, and the drought and floods were not equal." Plant households were told reporters. "After completing the renovation of Grea in the last year, there is less than 3 Centimeter, also equipped with intelligent irrigation equipment, and the yield has increased by more than 50 pounds.

"The reclamation area is based on the overall configuration of Tian Tian, ??water, road, forest, adjusts the field specifications, and carry out the registration of the scale, and is equipped with Jiangshui Irrigation. At the end of March, the first phase of the Qinglong Mountain Irrigation District for the first time, including Qinglong Mountain The 28.8 million mu of waterfield in the farm will be irrigated by Shangjiang water. It can reduce the ground water per year. "Jiang water water temperature is higher than the groundwater, the rice production period is prolonged, and the yurt is expected to be more than 50 pounds. "Sun Sibei said. The reclamation area continued to increase the construction of black soil protection project. At present, it has already implemented a total of 10,000 acres of land in Kauda. The Sanjiang Plain Irrigation District realizes the surface water irrigation area of ??6.57 million mu, mining the ground and underwater billion; building a farmland protection forest system Mu, cover all cultivated land in the reclamation area. "We are wealthy to prepare the black soil cultivated land protection of Heilongjiang Reclamation, and accelerate the promotion of organic fat alternative fertilizers, green pesticides alternative traditional pesticides, land water replace the groundwater, protective farming alternative to traditional turns , Intelligent replacement mechanization, large-scale Grefa replaces the general roof, striving to achieve soil organic matter content in 2025, increased, and the average thickness of cultivated layer is more than 30 cm.

Yang Baolong, General Manager of Peking University Water Reclamation Group, said.

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