Sanjiangyuan National Park: People and Natural Harmony Solm

Chen Mingju on September 30, 2021, the State Council agreed to establish Sanjiangyuan as the first national park.

Sanjiangyuan National Park pilot area total area is 10,000 square kilometers, involving governance, Qume, Mado, Hybrid 4 counties and cocoa Siki Nature Reserve jurisdiction, a total of 12 townships, 53 administrative villages. There are famous Kunlun Mountains in the area, the mountains and other mountains, Tang Gu Lei Mountain, and the glaciers are towering.

Beautiful and mysterious three-river source, snowworms, rivers, swamps and lakes, there are 167 lakes with more than 1 square kilometer, and there is "China Water Tower" "Asian Water Tower". The Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the three rivers of the Yangtze River originated from the same area of ??geographical wonders, here is amazing here. As an important ecological safety barrier and plateau biological germplasm library, its protection value is significant to the whole country and even the world. It is understood that since the pilot of Sanjiangyuan National Park, Qinghai Province has established a "one household" ecological management public welfare position. A total of 17,211 herdsmen have been tested, and local herders change from ecological utilies to guarders.

In addition, photographers, herders, drifters, Tibetan doctors … they also use their knowledge, use science, this real way to protect every "mountain river ecology of Sanjiangyuan. Like the herds, Zhaxi said in the documentary "Qinghai · Our National Park": "Our past grazing and now have some changes, but this draft has been here, I hope that the children have flowers and animals to grow up. I also hope that the children can be optimistic about the yak and small animals, which is the tradition is also our heart! "

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