Single legs on the football field, he flesaded him, shocking countless people

  "He lost a leg in the court but will fly." Recently, the video of Guangdong Guangzhou "single-legged man is hung and hits the door" video walks, causing the netizens to squat, he flew the shot video on the court. The man named Men Yisheng is 25 years old this year, one athlete in the Guangdong Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation team, He Yiyi who likes to play football, but he lost the left leg due to illness but his love of football never extinguished 10 On the 31st, He Yiyi and friends met the scene of the game to recall the scene. He said that he kicked the winger. After completing a foot shot near the bottom line, I didn’t kick it. If you are very happy to play football with everyone, thank you for your encouragement. After that, he was also trained to abroad. "At that time, I was very happy to think that there should be a football player in the future." Why and rely, the fate has opened a joke before going abroad, his left calf was founded The malignant bone tumor "The final doctor recommended that there will be life hazards" The surgery makes him almost lost the whole left leg. As the wound heal, the rehabilitation training course is still attracting him slowly, he is alone The cane tries a single leg to play the ball. Rehabilitation, the training is slowly mastered, and he can finally play with the normal people after using the bad people. "Because the wear of the crutches is very big. 53 canes "I hope that the team can participate in the champion" "Can you participate in the champion", "I have not become a professional football player, but I have opened it in 2012. He was selected by the Guangdong Provincial Disabled Federation of Federation and became a disabled. The track and field athletes have repeatedly won the championship in front of the residual bumper. He participated in the resilial board in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, and the Double Silver track field was obtained in the Silver track field. Now, He Yiyi will follow the trains of the track and field training, and the ball friends will play playing. In the end, He Yiyi said that he has a small wish "Organizing a leader, the team, the team now has seventeen Personal foreign countries have such a team, and the biggest goal of the World Cup is to win the champion. "Life is hit by pain, I have reported that I will refuel, why Yisheng! .

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