It is surrounding those people.,In fact, they,I have probably know,How to deal with now。

The blue sky is biting with his teeth.,He at this time,It’s even a hard to start with your eyes.。
but,do not know why。
The blue sky is like this,The more you feel a strong oppression in his heart.。
“no,This is not what I want to see.。”
“Start now,anyway,I should still have to solve this thing soon.!”
This,When the blue sky is playing,At this time, the blue sky is biting.,Very angry。
In front of Blue Sky,Those people try to resist。
But now,They found this,All this is here,Seems to have come,Not enough to see。
But the more these,In fact, from the fundamental extent,In the hearts of those people around,It is very clear。
“Humph,Don’t say so much nonsense with him.,And at all,Nothing everywhere。”
“It’s good to say this.,so now,This is actually a good opportunity for us now.。”
“Is this still used?,Since everyone is so thinking,So now,Let’s everyone,Still can’t get started。”
This,With the people around the blue sky,Completely exported。
After all, they look at them.,Start now,How should I solve it all?。
Itself,In fact, their hearts,It’s more。
this matter,What yourself,It is not a simple little thing.。
As for others,at this point,Itself,It is obvious。
And look at these,This,Blue sky,It’s even a faint smile.。
After all, I started from the moment.,Blue sky,Others are, the more I think it is serious.。
“Humph,come,Despite relying on horse。”
“Can let me get back,Calculate me to lose!”
When the blue sky is here,The more like this,Even for this thing,How to see,How to make people feel。
In fact itself,It’s not just that it is not simply.。
And look at these,The blue sky is, the more I want to think it is.,Start now,at this point,In fact,,Still need to pay quickly。
And look at these,Blue sky is very lightweight.。
“come,Despite it.,most,Let the person behind you,Also come out。”
“what’s the matter,Let’s take a one-time,It’s clear!”
Chapter 475 Nothing, I have me?
Blue sky is biting with teeth,His heart is getting angry。
this matter,anyway,Still here,Make a break。
In front of Blue Sky,Suddenly came out of one person。
“Boss,This kid,It’s really difficult to deal with it.。”
at this time,And Blue Sky Trenders, the man seeing his eyes,I don’t forget。
And this person walks forward,While talking:“Thanks for your hard work。”
“But nothing,and me。”
When this person finished,He came to the face of blue sky.。

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