Springs are already another level of existence.,By them to dominate the endurance,It is likely to have some bad impacts。

Their strength is too strong.,Strive to make people don’t dare to resist。
“All right,We left,I will give you the rest.”Spring smile and nodded。
Then they have a huge space door behind them.。
Spring, four people,Slowly floating。
The last space door is closed.。
“Next is my successor ceremony,Please also ask everyone to celebrate”Ningxing smiles。
Five shadows。
“People who met”They have a gift。
Some of the nings.,But he quickly settled down.。
He is now different from the identity of the representative.。
“Membership Collection!”He shouted loudly。
http://www.honghaibo.cn moment,Brush brush。。。。
Instant Jiudao figure fell on the high platform,And their shoulders stood a tail beast。
They have a single knee。
“People who met”
The voice is far away,Let the people who make the ceremony are somewhat unclear。
“The first four gods have left the tolerance,Go to the universe,From now on,I will take over the position of the Sky Parliament”
Ning’s voice sounded throughout the venue。
Everyone is talking about,They were amazed at Springs and others suddenly left。
“Springs are also wanting us to make better development.,So I hope that all the future will abandon it.,Work together,When the spring is coming back,You can see more booming tolerance”
Ning’s voice covered a discussion,The scene is quietly quiet.。
“Wooden fire, seeing people”
“Yunyin thunder, seeing the general”
The people of the following ceremony also shout。
“People who met”
The ceremony came to an end to this ceremony,The endurance ushered in a new era。
Spring is backstalk behind the scenes,Ning order。
The prestige of the Sky Parliament is not affected by the slightest,Still like a day。
And the endurance also ushered in a peak development peak。
At the same time, there are some dark flows in the surging.,They are very secure,It’s hard to know。
But still make some things changing。
I don’t know who is caught in the calculation.。
Chapter 27 Mystery man
A youth suddenly wakes up from sleep,He is http://www.jinmawl.cn pale,Sweat,The eyes are all horrified。
His eyes have become awkward。
“grandfather,what should I do”Wooden pills are low。

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