I shake my head against Han Jiang.:“Do not worry,His body,There is a magical thing exists。”

Han Jiang’s heart has a sound,This is aware of the existence of the system.?
The last time in the labyrinth in the real world and the quantum,Kaisai got this question,Now I am sight by a world bubble.,This is a bit of horror。
“Are you stealing the power of the law?”Inason of confirmation of your guess,Directly ask Hanjiang。
Han Jiang is silent for a moment,Nod。
“That’s no problem.。”Miley, the whole person seems to have a lot easier,Sunshine appears on the face。
If Han Jiang is not working,She is responsible for the people of this world,Who makes the master of Huawei are a person who has continued to dedication to humanity.。
I want to have a poor quiz every time you have to get rid of every time you.,The flagy http://www.lygshaiwang.cn head is bigger.。
“Success rate。”
Han Jiang directly ask how high is the feasibility,Otherwise, the sky said,Finally, it is still still white。
In front of a chance to get huge strength,Han Jiang felt that the stupid pig did not catch.。
Han Jiang is very decisive,Any of the form has its own price form。
After obtaining the system,Han Jiang has to fight for this world,What’s more, you get a world bubble power。
“You no longer think about it.?”
Han Jiang’s refreshment makes it uncomfortable,After all, if you fail, you may die in the sea.。
Let Hanjiang absorbs world stone is a choice,If Han Jiang does not agree,That is nothing to force him。
“you are serious?”Xiao Yun confirmed。
Han Jiang resolutely nodded,Asked with noise:“is that OK,Can you try it??”
“good!”Fans:“You rest http://www.cvtt123.cn here first.,I am going to do some layout,The best time is ten days later。”
Finish,It is bify to Xiao Yun out of the tent.,To the moon forest,Seal the poor place to go。
“Cactus,This is a tribute to Chu State,Please also ask you”
Tent 20 meters away,A pile of rare items on a small cart,Chu State is laughed with a small eunuch.。
Facing outsiders,Stay hosted this high-cold image。
“Good intention,In addition to the demon devil is something that I am equal,No need to put it on your heart。”
“Then my country’s king invites you”
“I will not participate in any battle between the world.,If the enemy is a monster,Then I will be happy。”
Two sentences,The body shape of Irani and Xiao Yun has arrived at twenty meters.,That is the eye-catching,I don’t know when two people go so far.。
The strange words of the http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn flag don’t know how long it takes,Everyone knows that there is an ignorance of the immortal.,There is no child, and even a small child of a side tea.。
But still someone keeps going to the gift,Want to make a teacher,Either it is in your own home,It is unrecognizable if it is a unrecognizable immortal.,It seems that there is no clear desire to do。
“Let Hanjiang to integrate this world of world stone,It is your sense of admiration.,Still ready?”Go behind,Xiao Yun asked Mousse。
I didn’t answer if I didn’t answer.,Asked:“If it is you,Can you cut out such swords??”

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