How can he hear an implicit meaning in the other party’s discourse?。

“I see,I just want to know,What kind of strength wants to achieve,Can you not drag your leg?。”
This kid really doesn’t know,Ling smoke,“I want to join,The lowest crystal is required for Nine CD,Do you have Jiujing??”
Summer is no longer talking,Turning to the Song Fei Zhou,“Song advance generation,You said before,Register here,Need to test crystals,I don’t know where to test?”
Song Fei Zhou,The next consciousness will open the door to the door.。
“go there。”
Zhang Lao also revealed a trace of interest,Refers to correct front,“There is a relief insult to test all the layers below Wuwang.。”
Summer look,Look now。
Just a three-foot-high desk table,Put a round、Long strip、About Mo Nian arm long spar。
The surface of the wafer is also inlaid in a variety of rice sizes.。
Seeing the appearance of summer mistakes,Song Fei Zhoucai smile,Low sound interpretation,“This is a relief,Comprehensive test and crystal level level,No need to do it,Just press the hand in the bottom groove,Run your own willilene,I can measure the strongest hit with my mind.。”
Willow,A collective。
Refers to your own heart、Mind、Integration of artistic conception。
simply say,Combine itself,Have the strongest blow in the imagination。
“I will come first.。”
Left fish again angry and sweeping a lot of smoke,Big step forward。
Summer is also walking,At the same time,“Don’t have to resent,She is actually protecting us……”“Uh……”Left small fish,Magical shape。
Summer patience will inform you to。
So,Left small fish originally compliant cheek,Rare hot,Quite embarrassing。
“real……Really like this?
Then I am……”Summer laughing,“Probably true,But you don’t have to care.,correct,Test,Don’t worry,Reach the standard。”
Left small fish feels some embarrassed,Nod。
Going to the table,Summer,This strip-shaped lactor is below,Two slap shape grooves。
Left fish will put your hands into it,Close your eyes。
A extremely dazzling radiant suddenly。
Different stone monuments of the degree of cylinders and test crystals。
All of them,It is a straight line that is completely arranged by the laminated。
now,A spar is constantly lit,Ray is also straightforward。
Although the distance is far away,But the group of people in Lingbang still see clearly。
“this……Jiu Jing!How can it be!”
A group of people can’t help but come forward。
Song Feizhou and Zhang Lao following the side,Also eyelids,Connectivity。
This black-skinny teenager is mostly aged,There is a crystality of Jiujing?
Which of the great majestic super genius is。
Interrogate,Left small fish open eyes,There is no pride,Recover your hands,Make a body。

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