But one turn,Instantly points out the winning and http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn negative。

Do not,Not a victory。
It is life and death。
Seven masters connected in several breathing。
Give people a very unreal feeling。
this……What is his strength reaches??
In addition to Xuan Pintong livers and Zhang Cuifeng,Left six people,Du Nai Guardian Union Master。
Every one is the existence of the sacred。
However, it was easily killed in the summer.?
Some people have silent people.。
Some of them have even achieved the virtual,But they have to re-estimate。
If it is right in the summer,What kind of consequence is it?。
扪心 心,If you have this seven masters,Do not see the battle。
They don’t understand,Why did the guardian alliance not besieged for the summer?。
Huaxia Emperor is powerful,In the end, it is not exhausted.。
There are also some brain spiritual people who have hidden guesses.。
The reason why it is blocked and attacked along the way,In addition to consumed summer essence,It will also make the summer birth。
Let him feel——The Guardian Alliance is just this。
If it is laid around him in the foot of the mountain,If you want to retreat in summer,They can’t stop。
True killing,Still on the top of the mountain。
Summer has continued to step,Not awkward,Hike。
This time,Constantly surprisingly,No one will stop。
Just approaching the sky female peak,Summer field of view,There is a large footprint,Antique architecture,Unbeatable,Full of the vicissitudes of the years。
Summer once again stopped。
It’s more than a dozen black people to stop him.。
These people’s body,It comes over cold murderous。
Their eyes do not fluctuate,It’s like http://www.weizhenyifang.cn a dead in summer.。
“Small hybrid,Heaven is there, you don’t go,Hell has no door to voting!”
For a family of fifty-year-old men,The killing of the eyes is substantial,Cool like a snake。
Summer does not speak,Alert,Looking at the seats of these people,I can’t help but pick the eyebrows.。
“Zhou Tian Dai, 18 people?”
These people’s stations are faintly familiar,Follow him again to look at the man,Pupil,“It’s you!”
Men laughed,“Did you finalize me?,Last eight people’s Sunday,Just an appetizer,Today is 18 people,Although they are all human warrants……You guess a guess,Can you still get rid of today??”
Toned,He smiled,“Ear Jun Hao should tell you.,The Sunday, the Tianda, who is spills in my ear.,Your mother is finally fallen,Sunday is no longer,Otherwise,She didn’t be so easy to die in that year.。”

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