Although she does have the idea of starting her own name,But she is now faintly touching the threshold of superior high sections.,The strength is not allowed to‘Arrogant’。

At present,Can be ordinary or ordinary。
Listening to Yunqin,Hua Xiaoyu is moving。If it is not a lady, it is not a lady.,She is afraid that they are here.。
By the time,Not only the grandfather is hurt, there is no way to cure,Also didn’t have her grandfather,She can’t imagine how to live。
“good,I will go this.!”Hua Xiaoyu puts up the porcelain path。
Yun Qin nod,Also handed a black meatball。
“This is a burst pill,Throw out the dangers that can’t pay,I came to find me in the first time.。When you take it out, you should pay attention to it.。”
Narrate,Hua Xiaoyuan is full of worship to Yunqin’s scorpion。
“Yes,I see。I will sell it in several places.,Will not let others notice。”
After 10 days of get along,Hua Xiaoyu’s worship of Yunqin is increasing。More and more feel that Yunqin is a mysterious high person.,Powerful grandmother background。
Hua Xiaoyu, this girl is actually very smart,Almost a little,Yunqin is very satisfied with her intelligence。
After Hua Xiaoyu left,Yunqin will stay in the inn to wake up。
Little guy is not only more growing.,It is also very comprehensible.,Recently,Already stayed with only,I can take a small distance.。
Only see,Yunqin is holding a small piece of small cream,Standing in the fifth meter, holding a chair standing on the chair:“Small tree,The first two days you really like the peach fillet,Entrance is instant,I don’t want to eat?”
The clouds standing on the chair legs stand straight,Staring at Yun Qin’s hand to swallow pink pastry。
It’s been able to say that the clouds of the words are clear and clearly expressing their own ideas.。Although I know the reason why my own pro is taken out of this pastry,Just want to lure him walking。
but,He is really a pastry who wants to eat her mother.!Occasionally, it is also possible.!
“The little tree came to the mother,The mother gives you a bag.?”Yun Qin smiled and moved out‘award’。
“Uh-huh,Small tree,want!”
Little cloud start,Slowly, I have opened my little short legs.。
step,Two steps,Three steps to take a few steps, Xiaoyun, finally walked to Yunqin.,I felt into Yunqin Huaji.。
“Oops!Small tree seedlings are really powerful!ua~”A parenting a little guy,Yun Qin’s heart has ever given a feeling of honoring.。
I have a friend who is seriously worn by my mother.,Little guy seems to be a bit shy,Twisted the body smiles my little face into the neck of Yunqin。
“Ha ha,The little guy knows that it is shy.?Well,Promise your peach cake,but,Only four pieces can be eaten one day。”Hold someone sitting on the chair,Yunqin will promise a lot of peach cakes to wake up。
when starting,Yunqin doesn’t want to pass the little guy to call himself‘Mummy’,I don’t know if it is born in the godshan,Reasons affected by the gods,This little guy habits.‘Mother’,Anyway, one means,Yun Qin also followed him。
Get your own hearts of peach,I can happiness.,If you caught a piece, you will be put into the mouth of the two deciduous teeth.。 Enjoy the squints, a few mouthfuls,A small piece of peach cake was awakened in the belly。
Finish a piece,Wake up and catch a piece of hand,Then,Hand a lot of purse to Yunqin。
He is a temperate‘little sapling’!The mother said that only four pieces can be eaten one day.,Have two pieces left,He wants to eat in the afternoon.!
“good,Mother is giving you,When you want to eat, you will be with your mother.。”Yun Qin,Directly in the space。
Next,Yunqin began to talk to the cloud in a storytelling。
When time is almost almost,She may get more busy,There is not much time to teach him.,Now you have to get more time to teach more good jobs.。
In the end, it is self-born.,Can teach something,Yunqin will try to give the cloud as much as possible。
Wake yourself is also very strong,Anyone of Yun Qin,Little cloud, even if you may not understand temporarily,But you can write down。
Lunch,Huathen, who went out, returned,The porcelain bottle on the body has been less than three bottles.。Obviously it is sold out.。

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