Xilin looks at the blue http://www.yiya123123.cn gemstone,Self-proliferation:“It’s a hard-wrapped guy.……But it is here.。”

The gem glances a few light,I was thrown in my mouth by Xilin.。
The rumor of the law enters Xilin’s body,Integrate with other four gems, in five corners。
Moon remains,The collapse left by the last era can be drowned like a sea water.,The power of the law is quickly absorbed by Xilin。
Xilin feels all changes in the body,The eyes become arrogant。
“Ha ha ha ha……”Xilin is laughing,“The power of the first law,The knowledge of the first law,now……It’s all my.!”
“It’s time to go back to the earth,Give those people who are unbearable.。”
Say,The aircraft cannon that Walte once replayed。
But these cannons are described in profile,Although get all the knowledge of Walter,Can Wenling is just a little girl,I don’t understand her of these http://www.shhongxiang.cn mechanical kernels.,It can only be refereated.,There is no practical combat ability。
Xilin looked at the earth to fall into the mind,do not know why,In Babylon laboratory,She feels that she has experienced life.。
Later, there is also a feeling of recognition.,Why is this feeling??
Xilin sways long hair on the shake,If you don’t understand, you don’t think about it.。
The ability of the first party,I am temporarily eating.,But the core of the law can be used by itself,These forces have more than a more than humans.。
“Queen。”Bellar falls around Xilin。
Xilin nodded,“Um,Han Jiang,Is it already dead??”
“He escaped。”Bella,“Cannot complete the task of Queen,Bella’s crime。”
Say,Bella has been half a half,Waiting for the punishment of Queen’s adult。
Xilin fists pinched,The aerospace service is broken.,Actually didn’t die yet,That man!
Then I laughed in Xilin.,Even if you don’t die, how can you??
This time, the most powerful battle,Dachel,The first party is dead.。
That antique,It is also a good thing if you die.。
Return to the earth,She wants to let Hanjiang look at the loved ones around him.,Let him feel the biggest pain in the world!
On the other side of the Alahao, the moon surface is stable,Han Jiang squatted outside,I moved at the hatch at a little bit.。
Outer door open,Han Jiang enters,Air is full,The interior door is open again。
Han Jiang re-feels the air,Start a big mouth,Sitting on the ground。
Alahao leaves the surface of the moon,The speed of flight is not slow。
Under the authority of Hanjiang,Fuhua did not use the feather dust to protect Hanjiang,Still suffering from all kinds of rays of the universe,Herhaha Touri flying to him。
Han Rong got a conclusion,Ability to fight outside space,Approximately equal5,Warmed five slag。
In the absence of any protection,Han Rong can survive about three http://www.newbienews.cn hours,More words,That’s。
“Nothing.,You actually……”
Qi Gay took the Hanjiang sitting on the ground,It’s surprising that he can walk outside.,fighting。
Han Jiang shook his head:“Nothing strange,Apply to the unlike the best,You can also do it。”
This is not too time to happen.,Cracking can be used as a mysterious energy,Can improve the combat capacity of the human body。
As long as you can get erosion,Strengthening physical fitness。
As for the various rays of the universe,Magnetic field,Can block。
“Oh,Walter……”Qi Gayon,View to the direction of the moon。
Han Jiang shakes his head,“This is his own choice,We can’t help。”
“Since Walter has not come back,That represents the second law, no death,After we return to the earth,Need to step up the speed to face the second law.。”

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